Wednesday, September 20, 2006

My Chrysothemis pulchella Blooms

Chrysothemis Pulchella
Originally uploaded by jayjayc.

Such a fascinating plant! The beautiful colours of its leaves and flowers perfectly match each other :-)
As you can see, this tropical perennial commonly known as Copper Leaf has large dark green with coppery-tinted leaves. It's leathery textured foliage are held in usually upright and thick succulent stems with very showy orange-red bracts which are long lasting and cupping lovely sunshine yellow flowers. It is very ornamental when clustered in any container! It doesn’t like strong sunshine but loves to be in semi-shade with filtered sun. It needs to be watered regularly, but doesn’t like to be too wet or it’ll die from root rot!

The plant forms tubers at the base of the stem and sometimes also in the leaf axils. You can propagate by dividing the tubers or from stem-cuttings. They are not difficult to grow and do well under most indoor growing conditions. It makes an excellent plant for interior tropical landscapes! Try growing it and you'll be thrilled to have this new addition in your garden :D

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