Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Images of our indoor garden

Recently, I've been trying to create a collage of piccies using the Adobe Photoshop, with help from its tutorial. Coupled with a little imagination, mathematics and aspiration to learn, I think I've succeeded though it was quite challenging yet exciting at the same time. This is my third creation and I'm enjoying it tremendously! Hehe, checking the time this post was done (way past my bedtime!) attest to my fixation :D

These are photos taken recently of garden plants in our tropical
indoor garden. Let the pictures tell their story - are the plants receiving tender loving care or are they being slowly starved? ;)

For those interested, the botanical and common names of plants displayed below are Spathiphyllum Wallisii (Peace Lily), Caladium Lindenii (Angel Wing), Pteris Ensiformis 'Evergemiensis (Silver Lace Fern), Asplenium Nidus (Bird's Nest Fern), Poinsettia, a variety of Dieffenbachia, Chlorophytum Amaniense (Mandarin Plant), Dieffenbachia Amoena 'Tropic Snow' (Tropical Topaz), Calathea Rosea Picta 'Cynthia', a kind of Aglaonema and Adiantum trapeziforme (Diamond/Giant).

Peace Lily Angel Wing Silver Lace Fern Bird's Nest Fern Poinsettia Dieffenbachia Mandarin Plant Dieffenbachia Amoena Calathea Rosea Picta Aglaonema Maidenhair Fern

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