Monday, October 01, 2007

Maxi, our pet dog is now 3 years old!

Side Profile of Maxi!
Hooray...our beloved is 3 years old today! And look as handsome as he was 2 years ago when we first brought him home! Always, warming our hearts with his adorable ways and delighting us daily with his greeting tail, jumps and standing on 'tippy toes'. What a wonderful companion in our golden years!

Here's sharing some more recent images of our handsome prince! :D

Maxi, waiting joyfully for his meat Maxi just loves to be on tippy toes Maxi taking a mid-morning siesta! Loves to relax in this position


  1. Happy Birthday, Maxi, you are a cutie!

  2. A cutie, indeed! I'll wish him for you, Bobbie, with a big hug! :D


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