Monday, November 26, 2007

An early Christmas gift from Baby Jesus!

Our first prize is still in the box, waiting to be installed by our elder son. Our old TV is seen in the background. Captured November 25, 2007YIPPEE! WE WON THE FIRST PRIZE!

- A Panasonic Viera 32" Wide LCD TV (TX-32LX70). So beautifully slim (4.5" depth) and wide-screen, and includes a high definition multimedia interface (HDMI)! How wonderful! :-)

It happened last Saturday night, November 24, 2007 at the "Nite of Celebrities" Dinner & Dance, held in aid of our St. Francis of Assisi Church Building Fund, at The Ballroom of Palace of the Golden Horses. Amazing, that out of the 1,200 persons who attended this auspicious occasion, all possessing a ticket each for the lucky prize draw and yet one of our two tickets won! Together with our church friends at the same table, my beloved spouse and I screamed in excitement, kissed and hugged with joy and disbelief when our number was called out as the 1st prize winner! Unbelievable! Unimaginable! Beyond our wildest dream! Simply incredible, but true! Praise be to God!

We returned home with this huge box at almost one o'clock in the morning with so much happiness, and felt grateful and deeply awed by God's boundless love and generosity. Overwhelmed with such delightful emotions, we were only able to calm down and sleep soundly after 3 a.m. But of course, we manage to rise up early to attend Sunday Mass, to give thanks and praise to Jesus for all his countless blessings, including this wonderful pre-Christmas surprise!

Our brand new Panasonic Viera 32-inch wide LCD TV sits perfectly on the old tv cabinet, November 26, 2007 As arranged, our darling son came to visit this afternoon and installed our brand new TV. Hmm...the television cabinet seems just perfect for it! :-)

Tomorrow, my beloved hubby will be carting away our 6-year old TV (Model: Philips 21PT3842, 21" normal screen) which is still in tip-top condition to our parish priest who will present it to someone in need. Somebody will appreciate this, I'm sure!

Wow! I'm still stunned and overjoyed with this winning! Thanks be to God!


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