Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Mothers' Day at The Curve

Spent a wonderful day at The Curve, Mutiara Damansara on Mother's Day (May 11, 2008)!

Our darling sons treated their daddy and I, as well as their beloved spouse and a relative to a hearty lunch at Tony Roma's Restaurant. It is well-renowned for its barbecued ribs, seafood and steaks. Food was wonderful! Just love their 4 original sauces flown from the United States, which comprise of Originals, Hots, Smokey and Honey! Decor, ambiance and service was great. On top of that, each mother (there were 3 in our group) was presented with a lovely cheese cake and we had more than enough to share with our heroes and the rest.

What a wonderful and blessed day it was! It is always awesome meeting up with family members and dining together! Even just being together without a meal fills us up and rejuvenate, so to speak. :-D

We returned home almost 9 pm to be greeted by our pet dog, Maxi who was not only delighted with our home-coming but was also complaining (with a whining sound) for being left alone for the whole day! ;-)

My loving spouse and I Renice, Dylea and Renee, our adorable grand-daughters
Our daughters-in-law, Yanti and Kellie - stunning, yah! Another pose by the 3 darlings
Our precious and beloved family of nine Posing with Darren and his family, while waiting for David's

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