Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day 2009


Oxalis 'Triangularis' (Purple Shamrock)

An image of pretty 'love hearts' of Oxalis 'Triangularis' (Purple Shamrock) growing in our garden, posted here just for the occasion, to greet all our online friends and visitors.

(Plant info here, if interested).

Today, February 14 is Valentine's Day, a special day to celebrate love and friendship. Read more about this day at wikipedia

It sure is great to have a day set aside for expressions of love in meaningful and variable ways, but Valentine's Days have become too commercialize as with Christmas. There is an overindulgence in spending on food and gifts and enjoyment, resulting in a huge debt in many credit cardholders' account.

Our celebration was simple. Our retirees group made up of John and I, Steven and Sook Wan, and Michael (his wife, Irene went to church instead) went to Restoran Ikan Kepala Chan Sow Lin, located at Jalan 5, Jalan Chan Sow Lin for lunch. We had rice with two dishes of fish head cooked in different style ('hoong siew' which comprised of fried fish head, served with roasted pork, 'tau foo pork' and others in soya+black sauce; the other fish head was steamed with ginger and chinese vine), fried kangkong, steamed beancurd and curry pork ribs.

What a wonderful Valentine's Day get-together with great friends and delicious food that was not pricey at all. Just RM78 including chinese tea - cheap and good!

Almost forgot to mention - Michael was the initiator of this gathering and also the treater. His reason for treating us was because he had given up smoking totally after having smoked for donkey years, and had saved/would be saving $$$. How sweet and generous of him! Such a loving friend, expressing his love for us on Valentine's Day. By the way, he has already celebrated earlier in the week with his valentine, Irene. Thank you lots, my sweet friend! God bless you!

For dinner, John and I had a simple meal together in one of our neighborhood's noodle joint, after attending Sunset Mass at Church of St. Francis of Assisi. Best part was eating out - lunch with wonderful friends and dinner with my beloved lover. No cooking at home for the whole day!

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