Saturday, September 26, 2009

Veg Fish Farm Thai Restaurant

A gang of nine of us had lunch at the Fish Farm Thai Restaurant less than a week ago, our first time.

This Thai-owned restaurant is situated next to their own vegetable farm, at the bottom of a rocky hill and surrounded by lush tropical vegetation and 'sitting' on a very large pond (fish farm), teeming with 'home-bred' fishes like talapia merah, pak sow kong, escargot and others. Hence, its name 'Veg Fish Farm Thai Restaurant'.

It's a sort of rural village, well off from the main road, on an untarred bumpy beaten path of about 1 km or more, located near Ampang Lookout Point at Km 4, Jalan Ampang-Hulu Langat, 68000 Ampang, Selangor (Tel: 017-251 5236/019-260 6493).

According to Michael and Irene who suggested this lunch venue, it's so popular and heavily patronized especially during the weekends or public holidays that you may be forced to turn back because there's no available parking space or due to such a big crowd that may result in long waiting hours to be served. That was what happened to them one Sunday evening a fortnight ago, simply no parking at all!

Our outing there was on Monday 21st and it sure was overcrowded with customers, being a public holiday due to the Hari Raya Festival Season.

Of course, we were there before 11.30 am as advised by Michael, but in less than an hour, the drove of people steadily increased very quickly.

A small plate of Sambal Petai, with chilies and fried with prawns - RM12

Whatever, having tried the food, I can just say that there's nothing much to shout about, except that the vegetables and seafood are fresh. Tasty or delicious, it's very subjective.

Menu is extensive. You can expect a lot of Thai cuisine that boasts of hot, spicy, sweet and sour dishes to tantalize your taste buds. It has a grill section for more varied choices of meat and seafood too.

Talapia fish, steam limau thai style - RM24

Probably, due to the management's inability to cater for such a large crowd, food was far below par, just very ordinary I'd say.

Service was quite bad, dishes were slow in coming, and even one of our orders almost forgotten. Barbecued squid was half cooked, fried chicken too tough and ladies finger a little too old...humph!...must have harvested too late from its vegetable farm.

Fortunately, food isn't pricey and bill totaled only RM128.40 (inclusive of tea and rice) for the following dishes:
  1. Talapia fish, steam limau thai style - RM24
  2. Pak Sow Kong Fish, steam kicap - RM24.40
  3. Fried Spinash (small) - RM8
  4. Sambal Petai, fried with prawns (small) - RM12
  5. Ladies Finger, steam (small) - RM8
  6. Kerabu Mango with Keli Fish (small) - RM12
  7. Fried Chicken with lime leaves (small) - RM10
  8. Barbecued Squid (small) - RM12
Nevertheless, even though prices seemed reasonable, I don't think it's worthwhile to try another round if food quality and preparation is substandard!!

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