Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Use LinkWithin widget on your blog

Just had to share a helpful blogging tip here!

Recently stumbled upon this lovely LinkWithin widget at some recipe blogs (thanks to Cheah of No-frills Recipe), and was definitely captivated and had it installed pronto on this blog.

Basically, it will automatically generate from your blog archive to display your related posts with clickable thumbnails (3 or 4 images as you wish) at the end of each post, linking them to their own post page.

Obviously, a smart way to feature related posts on your blog!

How does the LinkWithin widget benefit you?
  • since posts are retrieved from your blog archive, past as well as recent related posts are made accessible to visitors. Probably, even reintroducing past forgotten posts for your own leisure reading, yes? I've noticed that most times its thumbnail suggestions are relevant with the post they're linked to;
  • one way to keep your visitors interested and absorb in what are available in your blog;
  • somehow, images are more catchy and attractive than just text links, thus draw a reader's attention and interest;
  • a chance to increase traffic to your blog and page views;
  • you get to showcase lots of your blog posts for free and ad-free too. Isn't that fantastic? Saves you immeasurable time should you ever want to foolishly attempt a D-I-Y similar display. Of course, some bloggers may opt out this widget, preferring to choose their own posts...well, each to their own...I'm just too lazy to try. Fact be told, I've been toying with the idea for a long time and this widget is like 'heaven-sent'. :-D
So, why wait! Learn how-to install this beneficial blog widget on your blog. It's so simple and easy. Just click on this LinkWithin link, follow its easy steps therein and start the goodies rolling into your blog...almost immediately!

I've read that this widget can be installed in Wordpress and Typepad, besides Blogger.

Point to note though, is that widget will show text links when most of the suggested posts do not have an image.

That said, some of my older posts before the installation of the widget fall in this category. But, in spite of inserting images in those posts subsequently so that they would appear in the the widget, the thumbnails were not showcased. So, I emailed the team at LinkWithin-Contact Us about my problem and to my delightful surprise, they redressed it very quickly and professionally!

Thumbs up for their excellent follow-up support service! I'm impressed!

To the LinkWithin team: my heartfelt gratitude and thanks, and God bless you all for your generosity in sharing!

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