Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Carlos Mexican Canteena, Pavilion KL: Birthday Celebration

For sometime, our sons and their spouses have been raving about how great the food at Carlos Mexican Canteena is! Opportunity to try it out came last November when John and I decided to celebrate our elder boy's belated birthday there.

Captures of Carlos Mexican Canteena, a restaurant and bar at Pavilion KL

It's a 2-in-1 place with a Mexican halal restaurant and a shisha bar combination, located on the ground level of Pavilion. While waiting for the arrival of our sons and their family, John and I had ample time to look around as we were the first two customers to arrive for lunch then. We were rather surprised to observe that the inside wasn't that impressive at all. Some of the dining benches and chairs looked worn and certain sections of the flooring, disgracefully tarnished.

Anyway, what's lacking in appearance is secondary! What's most important is the food, that's what we came for, right? And, we were definitely not disappointed. Needn't wait too long for the dishes to be served. Food was simply fantastic - tasty, delicious and in huge portions! It's no surprise that every bit was enjoyed with anticipated pleasure.

Our orders included the following:

Dylea had Sizzling Rib Eye Steak (RM54++), that came with
250gm of steak, served with mashed potato and sauteed vegetables

 Grilled Salmon at Carlos Mexican Canteena, Pavilion KL
Yanti ordered Grilled Salmon (RM42++) served on a bed of mashed potato
with lemon butter sauce and sauteed vegetables

Grilled Tres Lamb Chop at Carlos Mexican Canteena, Pavilion KL
Darren ordered Grilled Tres Lamb Chop (RM32++), served with
mashed potato and sauteed vegetables

Spaghetti Seafood at Carlos Mexican Canteena, Pavilion KL
Kellie&David ordered Spaghetti Seafood (RM27++) for their twins, Renice and Renee
and the following 2 dishes to be shared among themselves and May (Kellie's cousin)

Lime Grilled Chicken at Carlos Mexican Canteena, Pavilion KL
Lime Grilled Chicken (RM27++), consisting of whole chicken leg
marinated with special lime marination, served with
mexican rice, sauteed vegetables and guacamole

Mexican Canteena Special Beef Rib at Carlos Mexican Canteena, Pavilion KL
Mexican Special Beef Rib (RM57++), consisting of braised tender beef ribs
served with own gravy, sauteed vegetables and mashed potatoes.

The younger generation just love the Fresh Oysters too (RM15++ for 6 oysters), not John and I!

Fresh Oysters at Carlos Mexican Canteena, Pavilion KL

John and I ordered a plate of Canteena Special Beef Rib too, and
just couldn't resist not trying out the Mexican Potato Skins and Tacos as well!
The beef was super tender with the meat easily separated from the bones
and the latter two was heavenly, go especially well with the tomato salsa!

 Mexican Potato Skins at Carlos Mexican Canteena, Pavilion KL
Mexican Potato Skins (RM13.50++), consisting of 2 pieces of
oven baked potato skins stuffed with minced meat or chicken
and covered with melted cheese.

Tacos at Carlos Mexican Canteena, Pavilion KL
Tacos (RM19++), consisting of 2 pieces of crispy folded corn tortillas
stuffed with cooked beef or chicken, shredded lettuce, cheese and
tomato, served with trio sauce of guacamole, sour cream and tomato salsa

Final bill inclusive of drinks and an unexpected discount of 15% for Maybank Credit Cardholders, came to RM409.10. Though quite pricey but definitely worth every cent!

Great food with great company...my beloved family for added flavour!

David, the birthday boy, Yanti, Dylea and the twins inside Carlos Mexican Canteena, Pavilion KL

Carlos Mexican Canteena
Lot C3-03, The Pavilion
Jalan Bukit Bintang
Kuala Lumpur
(Tel: 03-21453996/5996)


  1. Hi Jacqueline, enjoyed reading your eloquence.
    It didn't make you hum the song, 'Mexicali Rose' after eating? Ha ha, just kidding.

    For me, I eat to live, not live to eat, so as long its not duck or lamb or goat, I'll polish off the plate.
    You have a nice day and stay young, keep a song in your heart. Best regards, Lee.

  2. Haha! Lee, we too eat to live but do overindulge occasionally during celebrations and festive occasions or with our carefree retiree friends.

    Cheers and have a wonderful day!


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