Thursday, March 25, 2010

CNY Songs for 2010/2009

BEC MARS of the Church of St Francis of Assisi, held our Chinese New Year pot-luck get-together on the fourteenth day of the Lunar New Year at John and Mary Boi's home. My beloved John and I enjoyed ourselves so much with the joyful fellowship of friends and families, the overindulgence of such glorious food-fare that were generously shared and some games to keep the merry-mood going!

Cropped image of Michael WongI know...I know, this post is very much belated, but just have to put on record Michael Wong's annual composition of his CNY songs since I came to know that he didn't maintain them.

This is one of the highlights of the celebration where all participants will sing our hearts out gleefully, twice or even thrice sometimes, with much laughter at the words he had creatively included.
This wonderful friend of ours is multi-talented - gifted in writing, singing and composing, painting and the likes.

Sharing below Michael's CNY creations for 2010 and 2009, enjoy and sing along :

GONG XI, GONG XI (for Tiger Year 2010)

Chorus: Gong xi, gong xi, gong xi ni (twice)
  1. Celebrating Tiger Year
    Jesus Christ is also here
    Sharing lots of joy and cheer
    Altogether sing.
  2. Since this is the Tiger Year
    Bring along some tiger beer
    Then we'll have some fun my dear
    Sing aloud again.
  3. Put your luck all in the pot
    Tell us all what have you brought
    Must be something nice and hot
    All join in and sing.
  4. Vegetable, meat and rice
    Curry chicken with lots of spice
    If too hot then add some ice
    Everybody sing.
  5. Foo jok barley from Francis Fork
    Eddy, Yu Ling brought roast pork
    Tell us John, what have you got
    Tell us then we'll sing.

TIGER YEAR (following the tune of He Xin Nian at YouTube

Tiger Year, Tiger Year
Bring along your tiger beer
Jesus Christ, He also will be here.

Tiger Year, Tiger Year
Let's have fun and joy and cheer
Eat and drink, drink all the tiger beer.
  1. Let's have laughter, smiles and drink and lots of fun
    There's enough of food for everyone
  2. Let's not forget, migrant workers and the poor
    All the sick and lonely ones, my dear

GONG XI, GONG XI (for Ox Year 2009)

Chorus: Gong xi, gong xi, gong xi ni (twice)
  1. Let us give praise and thanks to God
    For this Year of the Ox
    Save your fortune in a box
    Everybody sing.
  2. Let the Year of Ox begin
    Tis no time to think of sin
    We will get through thick or thin
    Altogether sing.
  3. Bring along your pot of luck
    Tau foo, sambal, roasted duck
    Inside ang pow just one buck
    Let us sing again.
  4. There's so much of food to take
    Vegetable, fruit and cake
    Ikan pari on a plate
    Sing along again.
  5. Tuck in till your tummy's full
    There's no need to push or pull
    And so all you have to do
    Is fill your plate and sing.
  6. When you have enough of this
    Can you give me a New Year kiss
    That's one thing I wouldn't miss
    Come join in and sing.

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