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Good Shepherd Catholic Seminary, Malacca

According to George Yeow who organized the pilgrimage tour to St. Vianney's Church in Tampin and St. Francis Xavier's Church in Malacca last December 5-6th, the Good Shepherd Catholic Seminary was the only place available for one night's stay, the rest of the hotels in Malacca were fully booked. And, surprisingly, the management had just the exact number of rooms vacant for the busload of us pilgrims. Our everloving God had certainly paved the way for us knowing our intention to spend time with Him!

Haha...not only did we got to stay on 'holy ground', but we had a refund too of RM20/per pax as the room charge there was much lower. Praise The Lord!

Lovely flowering arches at the Good Shepherd Catholic Seminary, Malacca

Somehow there's a sense of sacredness and serenity as one approaches the Good Shepherd Catholic Seminary in Malacca which is located quite near the Bukit Cina cemetery. John and I were impressed with the cleanliness of its grounds and its beautifully maintained garden that were populated with tropical plants, flowering in abundance. Greeting us were well-pruned hedges of yellow and red Drawf Ixora on raised concrete beds, potted Desert Rose and Periwinkle, arches of Bougainvilleas and lovely Hibiscus shrubs with red, pink and white blooms, to name a few. These beauties are really a treat for sore eyes, especially for my beloved and I who are avid gardeners ourselves. I enjoyed going around admiring them and clicking away to the amusement of our friends who would have thought me 'odd'! Well, they don't know that I'm as crazy into blogging too...haha!

Desert Rose, Hibiscus and Ixora at the Good Shepherd Catholic Seminary, Malacca

We assembled briefly at the Seminary's chapel the afternoon we arrived, just timely to chant the Chaplet of Divine Mercy around 3.15 pm and again on the next day for early morning prayer before leaving to attend the Sunday Eucharistic Celebration at St Peter's Church. Its chapel is fairly large, comfy, and appropriately furnished...very warm and welcoming.

Chapel on the left and 2-bedded room on the right, at the Good Shepherd Catholic Seminary

All rooms, whether 2-bedded or 3-bedded have an attached bathroom and are equipped with air-conditioner and water-heater. Thus, couples were allotted twin-sharing rooms while singles, triple-sharing. We were most delighted with the cleanliness inside and though simple with only the basic necessities, what more can you ask for a value-for-money lodging? We were taken in by the quiet and peaceful ambience too.

We were permitted to utilize its dining hall for afternoon tea and breakfast the next morning. Meals are not included in the room charge but catering services can be arranged.

On the whole, we enjoyed our brief one-night stay there.

We were informed that besides Catholic pilgrims/groups from around Malaysia, Singapore and elsewhere, Christians of other denominations too are some of their regular occupants for retreats, conferences and the likes.

Here are some information just in case anyone is interested :

Good Shepherd Catholic Seminary
44 Jalan Laksamana Cheng Ho
75000 Malacca

Rates -
  1. 2-bedded rooms (7 rooms altogether) @ RM40 per room/per day
  2. 3-bedded rooms (16 rooms altogether) @ RM45 per room/per day
  3. 2 air-con dormitories with 16 beds each @ RM176 per dorm/per day
  4. Conference room 1 (about 100 pax) @ RM150 per day
  5. Conference room 2 (about 65 pax) @ RM100 per day
  6. 1 day gathering and use of chapel or dining hall only @ RM100 per day
  7. Rental of OHP @ RM20 per day
The Seminary is also open to personal bookings for rooms only.

Contact person for bookings: Simon Chan @
Tel/Fax: 606-2848573 or H/P: 016-6330512
Email: gscseminary@yahoo.com

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