Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Chinese New Year 2012 gatherings

Just to keep a record...

New Year's Eve family reunion dinner:
We had New Year's eve family reunion lunch on January 21st, a day earlier at David and Kellie's (my elder son and daughter-in-law's) home for a change. A sumptuous 10-course meal, mainly cooked by May and assisted by Kellie. Dishes included steamed large prawns, fried squid, claypot seafood (included oysters, fish maw, sea cucumber and mushrooms), fried fish, seasoned fish-based toufu cakes, steamed chicken, mixed vegetables (cauliflower, broccoli, peppers and mushrooms), yee sang, herbal soup and batik cake (by Yanti) for dessert! Fantastic food and with the best company!

2012 CNY reunion lunch at Kellie and David's homeTossing high the Yee Sang

1st day of Chinese New Year, 23 Jan 2012:
We celebrated at Colin and Say Bee's (my nephew and his spouse's) home where we enjoyed a hearty steam boat lunch. Yummy... Say B's preparation was fantastic with an excellent selection of various kinds of seafood! Generous of her to also cook a sweetened drink with tong yuen to serve as dessert. Darren and Yanti (my younger son and daughter-in-law) shared a box of batik cake, while John and I shared a barrel of KFC. It was then followed with a fun time of photo sessions spearheaded by Yanti. David, Kellie and their twins who had traveled back to Ipoh were sorely missed.

Group photo of family and relatives at Say Bee and Colin's homeFamily photo of Darren, Dylea and Yanti, from left to right

Returned home in the evening with the company of Darren and his family, my sis and her daughter. Of course, no cooking for the day for me.... so we ordered Domino's Pizza for dinner - the Incredible 4 Meal for 10 pax. The crunchy thin crust pizzas were just fabulous... much better than Pizza Hut's!!

5th day of CNY,  27 Jan 2012
Pot-luck BEC gathering at Paul and Margaret Lim's house from 7.30 pm. John and I shared a pot of fried tomyam mee hoon to add to the fantastic variety of food brought along by others in our community. A spiritual start with Evening Vespers, and then a fun-filled time with singing of CNY songs composed by Michael Wong, food, fellowship and laughter right through the night.

7th day of CNY, 29 Jan 2012
John and I treated Mary, his sister and our friend Dorothy for halal dim sum at Meisan Szechuan Restaurant, Quality Hotel in Kuala Lumpur.  On the whole, food was good with lots of steamed and fried dim sum varieties. Included too were yong tow foo,  chicken broth, fried meehoon, fried rice, nyonya cakes, cold fruit cocktail and other hot dessert drinks. Service was as great with food, almost constantly replenished.

More details about its address, contact number and charges can be found at my previous article here.

Dim sum at Meisan Szechuan Restaurant, Quality Hotel KL Food fare at Meisan Szechuan Restaurant, Quality Hotel KL

Group photo of Mary, Dorothy, I and John, from left to right CNY 2012 deco at Quality Hotel KL

9th day of CNY, Tuesday the 31st of January 2012

Group photo of Stella, Dan, John and I, from right to leftJohn and I had buffet lunch with our dear friends, Dan and Stella from Brisbane, Australia at Quality Hotel again. This time however, was at its other joint, the Benteng Coffee House that serves international and local cuisines. Another day of lovely food and great company, catching up with family news and current developments from one another.
Coincidentally, it was my beloved hubby's birthday, so it was a triple celebration of birthday, friendship and CNY, and was all the more merrier and enjoyable.

There was another final round of 'makan-makan' that Sunday of the same week before we had to call it quits. Stay tune for my next article...... :)

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