Thursday, October 27, 2005

Naming My Blog

Caesalpinia pulcherrima (Peacock Flower) in our garden, Oct 2005I’m new to blogging, recently introduced to me by my son, an ‘IT wizard’ ha! ha!.

Choosing a name for my blog was a breeze - PEACOCK FLOWER was one of the first name that floated in my mind because that’s the plant that is currently showing its beauty in my garden with its blossoms of yellow mixed with varying shades of orange amongst its fern-like green oval leaves.

A fast growing shrub which started flowering at less than 2 feet tall. Also, a very hardy plant that ‘never says die’ – in fact, it was trimmed down to less than a foot about 2 months ago when it lost most of its leaves after being transplanted from a pot to the ground and now it came back strong and healthy.

Likewise, I too would like to 'bloom' with greater knowledge in the IT world through perseverance like the peacock flower.


  1. Hello Jacqueline, I think I have read everything you have written in your blog and some of your son's, plus read awhile on the blogs of your other friends you have links to. I also looked at all the photographs. Some of the other sites in your links have so much, I just read here and there. Sometime I want to go to your Flickr account and look at more pics. You are fortunate that your husband shares your interest in gardening. Mine does not, but he is very, very helpful with the computer and its problems. He also helps me with photographs for my blog. I couldn't have done it without him. I'm learning more flowers from you. :) The peacockflower is very pretty. I never had seen one. I must close now.
    Sincerely, Bobbie

  2. Hi Bobbie, it's a wonderful feeling to know that you've spent time and effort reading the contents of my blog and viewing my Flickr photos. Thanks for bringing joy to my heart :)
    My beloved spouse does most of the photography for which I'm most grateful! With his steady hands and my creativity, we complement each other and together produce better photos I think, though sometimes he's annoyed with too many repeats due to my fickleness. I'm hoping to improve my photography so that I can be independent. It's easier now with digital cameras where undesired pictures can be easily deleted. He's totally zero where computer is concern, so I'm on my own in this area. Anyway, the pc is so user-friendly that you can manage as long as you're resourceful, willing to learn and persevere, coupled with others like my son to help along the way!


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