Monday, November 07, 2005

Help! Plant ID?

This beautiful plant was purchased from Cameron Highlands, Malaysia’s largest and best-known hill resort during my recent vacation there with my spouse in August.

We were skeptical when informed that it can survive in the lowlands, nevertheless we fell in love with it and brought it home.

This beauty as purchased is shown on the right photo and transplanted into a bigger pot a week later as shown on the left photo. Its striking blooms of deep pink mixed against white looked so fragile and artificial yet very captivating amidst its green claw-like segmented leaves.

Currently it’s still growing healthily but of course ‘incomplete’ - yeah! without flowers!

I’ve tried to find its ID to know more about this plant but sadly unsuccessful. Thus, I’d be most appreciative if someone out there can ID it for me. Thanks in advance.

1 comment:

  1. :) Just learnt that this plant is commonly called 'Zygocactus' as per my current post today, 29th March 2006 (after nearly 8 months of 'blissful' ignorance!)


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