Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Two's Company

Two’s company, three’s a crowd!

Well, that’s what my beloved spouse and I are when we’re working in our home garden. Both of us have been garden enthusiasts since 2001 and spend a lot of our free time toiling with sweat and love in our garden to ‘bear fruits’. We’re delightfully happy with the results! (here's a shot for viewing pleasure).

We seem to be team mates perfectly matched and complement each other. My spouse normally does the fertilizing, pest-controlling and watering whereas I will do the planting, replanting, landscaping and weeding.

He’s also the Hercules who shifts the pots ever so frequently to his chagrin because of my fickleness, ha ha!

Well, now that we’re no longer getting any younger, I’ve to be extra sure before repositioning heavy pots to reduce unnecessary 'loading and unloading' and prevent back-aches. Oh, the perils of old age!!

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