Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Miniature Pinscher or Toy Manchester Terrier?

Dah!..dah!..introducing our pet dog, Maxi! He's so lovable, adorable, inquisitive and energetic and brings about great joy, happiness and thankfulness in our daily living. He's about 1 year old and has been with us since 1st October, 2005.

Maxi, our miniature pinscherI've surfed the net for his identity and narrowed down to either:
(a) miniature pinscher or (b) toy manchester terrier.

I'm more inclined to the former, though I'm sure he's not a pure bred.

What say you? Would appreciate any feedback.


Maxi, our miniature pinscher Maxi, our miniature pinscher

Update: Oct. 29, 2008
View more photos and pictures of our adorable miniature pinscher by clicking the label 'petdog' below. Enjoy!


  1. This dog fits(by look only) as to be a German Pinscher. You can see the difference when looking at the history of a Manchester Terrier VS Min PIn VS German Pin. Your beauty seems to fit the Full version of a German Pin. As seen in the color, head shape and body.

  2. Hello ellemay! Thanks a lot for your feedback. You're right if judging by look only. However, I beg to differ, as German Pinscher is a medium-sized dog with height of 17-20 inches, whereas our beloved Maxi is more a toy breed weighing about 5 kg and has a height of about 12 inches at the highest point of the withers. Thus, I'm still of the opinion that he's a Min Pin, closely related to the German Pin, of course. Thanks again, ellemay for your input. :)


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