Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Thank You, Lord Jesus

Yes, I prayed so earnestly for our dog, Maxi to recover from his vomitting bouts. By God's grace, he has not vomitted since last Friday.

Hooray! he's back to his usual mischievous self now and I love that!! Playful, naughty, teasing, jumping, wagging and greeting happily and best of all - eating and 'ready for the pot'. Oh heavens no, I don't mean that!! I'd never ever part with him for riches or gold. Just feeling very happy that he's gobbling his food, not throwing out and putting on weight, instead of skin and bone!


  1. Mom - it would be great if you could post pictures of Maxi - we want to know how he looks like!

  2. Hi Son,
    Will do just that. You hit the nail on the head with your request 'cos that's what I was thinking of doing next. Suspense first! ;)
    Do 'visit' again later in the day!


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