Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Dental Visit That Triggered Havoc

Season of advent is a season of hope, peace, love, joy and many expectations and preparations. It’s a season of preparedness to meet our Lord Jesus. :) but I was side-tracked, thinking of food, glorious food that are to be relished soon with Christmas, wedding anniversary and birthday celebrations, unfolding one after the other.

Ha! Ha! my greed overcame my phobia of visiting the dentist! On Saturday 4th December, plucked up courage and went to the dentist to request extraction of my wisdom molar which has a very small cavity along the gum line. In fact, it’s a long overdue visit because this problem existed since mid last year, but I kept postponing its extraction until now (decided on extraction which will be a one time affair, rather than filling which may be repetitive). I had thought that this extraction is okay since my three other wisdom teeth were extracted without problem many moons ago. My jaw dropped when the dentist upon checking told me that it will be a surgical extraction and elaborated on the procedure and the exorbitant fees that will be charged! Having decided to go ahead with it, the dentist fixed the appointment and prescribed two types of antibiotics (amoxyciline and metronidazole) to be taken 3 times daily, starting Sunday, three days ahead of the tooth extraction. And that’s the beginning of my nightmare!

Upon consuming the second dose, I developed fever and gastritis and was confined to bed. I stopped the antibiotics immediately and phoned the dentist to cancel the extraction. Visited the GP on Monday and was prescribed more medications which led to more complications and side-effects, such as loss of appetite, more stomach discomfort and pain, cold-sweat, weakness, giddiness, etc. By Wednesday, my condition worsened and I stopped all the medications except ‘Gelusil’ (anti-gas tablet) and hope to self-heal naturally. Praise the Lord, by Thursday evening, I was as good as new!

Imagine five days being ‘laid off’ for nothing!! And the wisdom molar still has to be extracted one day!! For the time being, at least I can still look forward to eating glorious food!! – but remember to prepare spiritually first!

P/S: According to my dentist, I've been prescribed amoxyciline before and never had allergic reactions. So, probably I am allergic to the other antibiotic, metronidazole!

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