Friday, December 30, 2005

A Light Shone In The Darkness

In John’s gospel, it describes the coming of Jesus Christ at Christmas in an image, “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has never put it out” (Ch. 1:5). Thus Christmas is very much about God’s unconditional love and infinite mercy for all mankind, and about finding Him and seeing His light (His presence, grace, love, compassion, forgiveness, healing, comfort, wisdom, etc. etc.) in the everyday events of our lives and the world around us, both good and bad.

Yes, His light shone on us when He visited our family on Christmas night and gave us two precious little gifts wrapped in ‘swaddling clothes’. “CHRISTMAS BABIES!! Kellie and I have Christmas babies! Two daughters and all are safe and fine. Doc stitching up Kellie now”, David my elder son shouted joyously and excitedly into the phone at around 8.40 pm. I was stupefied, astonished and stunned for a brief moment before I repeated after him, “Christmas babies, wow Christmas babies, praise the Lord”!! Before I could recompose myself to get more details, he had already hung up! I kept thanking Lord Jesus for these precious gifts and tears of gratitude and joy welled in my eyes. When I was more settled, I phoned my younger son, relatives and friends, especially those who have been praying for Kellie and her twins, to share our wonderful news.

I pestered my spouse that we visit Kellie and David that night itself, to be at their sides. Fortunately, he was saner than me and calmed me with his logical opinion, especially to leave them alone with their quiet moments together. I’m truly glad that I saw daylight, otherwise we would have intruded into their privacy because the next morning when we visited them, Kellie told us that she and David stayed late into the night until about 2am talking and sharing.

How awesome and gracious our Heavenly Father is! What extraordinary gifts He bestowed upon us! Twin babies born on CHRISTMAS day, the same birthday of our Lord Jesus, Savior and Redeemer of the universe. I feel very blessed, grateful and thankful beyond words and am still amazed at God’s awesome blessings given in His time, beyond our wildest dreams! Although Renice and Renee (named by their parents) are premature infants, we’re confident that God will sustain, strengthen and perfect their growth as we entrust them daily into His loving care and mercy.

As I trace and ponder on events backwards from 9th December 2005, I humbly acknowledge that God was and is still amongst us if we keep watch, find and see. Kellie was rushed to hospital that Friday morning with intense contractions, threatening premature delivery. She was only 31 weeks pregnant, a precarious period with the twins estimated weight about 1 – 1.3 kg each. Her due date was 9th February, 2006. So the gynaecologist put her on medicated drips to delay birth, prescribed some medications to mature the twins’ lungs and advised complete rest in bed. My heart cried inside seeing her struggled with her pain and discomfort in that elevated position and with all kinds of gadgets placed on her to monitor her contractions, the babies’ heartbeat, etc. Nevertheless, she ate ravenously knowing its importance and her babies grew. Kellie’s a tough and determined mother-to-be and I’m proud of her. Praise the Lord, for after a week, she was considered safe and transferred from the labour room to a normal maternity room and a few days later she was allowed to walk, not too much though.

Yet I continued to wait with anxiety, worry, fear and uncertainty. Every day and night, I prayed fervently and implored God to bless Kellie with a full-term pregnancy and a safe delivery of strong, healthy, normal and godly babies. Gathered our family members, relatives and friends to ‘storm heaven’ too. And on Christmas day, the almighty and merciful God, out of His compassion, generosity and graciousness, showered His blessings on us, greater and better than our expectations and petitions, and according to His time, not ours!

How great Thou are, O God! In Your time, how awesome! Perfect timing too!
There are many reasons and pointers why I see my grand-daughters were born in God’s perfect time and I’ll pen a few here.

Firstly, they were born on Christmas day, an auspicious, blessed and holy day. The gynaecologist had mentioned that 34 weeks of pregnancy would be fine for babies, so Kellie and David had hoped for them to be born maybe on New Year’s day, 1st January or later, but God knows best. Just delaying their birth a further 2 weeks was sufficient and true to form, two beautiful, perfectly formed babies, the elder weighing 1.96kg and the younger at 1.56kg were born on Christmas night. They were transferred to the neonatal icu and placed in incubators, able to breathe on their own without ventilators (the charges for ventilators are exorbitant, thus costs saved here!). David informed me that the elder twin had been taken out from the incubator and placed in a normal cot since last evening, praise the Lord!

Secondly, Kellie had a safe normal vaginal delivery with only about 2 hours of labour pain and recuperating well. In fact, she was discharged from hospital two days after birth. Had her delivery been delayed, she might have had a caesarian delivery due to bigger babies. Yes, monies saved on her shortened hospitalization and gynaecologist’s fees.

Thirdly, medication and drugs taken by Kellie to prolong her pregnancy further and to mature her twins’ lungs would have side-effects detrimental to their health. God erased these possibilites.

Fourthly, timing was so perfect that it would not clash with the Chinese New Year Season starting 29th January, 2006 whereby it would have been difficult and very costly to engage a confinement lady to take care of Kellie and her babies due to taboo beliefs. Now, it’s just perfect – her own mother is able to help her out during this period. And, I've offered to assist if she needs me. Again, monies saved!

As David and Kellie, beaming with pride and joy as new parents, look forward to welcome their babies home, hopefully soon, my spouse and I also share in their pride and joy as grand-parents. My family, my treasure has increased indeed! Our fears, anxieties and uncertainties have been put at rest. Yes, His Light has brightened our darkness! I praise and thank You, O Lord! Alleluia! Alleluia!

Update: February 1, 2006
Sharing a lovely photo of our beautiful grand-daughters, Renice and Renee! It was captured by their dad on January 16, when Renee finally returned home to join her elder sister who was discharged from hospital, six days earlier! What a blessed relief to us all, especially, their parents, to know that all's well for them. Praise God!

More pictures of the adorable twins here.


  1. Congratulations on your precious Christmas babies! I'm glad that everything went well and what a blessing - two beautiful little girls.

  2. Thanks Lori. Indeed, I feel very blessed and grateful :)


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