Monday, February 13, 2006

Updates on my twin grand-daughters.....

Renee, the younger twin sister, shot Jan 22 2006Renice, the elder twin sister, shot Jan 22 2006

The left image is Renee Chin Wei Ern, the younger twin with her elder sister Renice Chin Wei Wen on the right one. The proud parents with their bundles of joy and I, the paternal granny who's as proud and excited feeding Renice. These two princesses are so beautiful and cute, and growing very splendidly, praise the Lord!.

More pictures here!

Renice and Renee were discharged from hospital on 10th and 16th Jan. respectively when they've attained 2 kg. each in weight. Joyfully, I applied for about a month's sabatical leave from office to help care for them all. Ha! ha! it was similar to an office job with five-days working week from 8.45 am to 6.30 pm daily, but with a different flavour - exciting, thrilling, wonderful and challenging! Bathing and dressing them, changing nappies, feeding and pacifying them as well as cooking lunch for their parents and doing whatever and helping wherever needed.

My presence greatly relieved my son and daughter-in-law who were able to catch-up on sleep deprived when tending to their babies at night. For me, the best part of all was a contented and happy feeling of being able to spend time with family, assist and care for my loved ones.


  1. They are beautiful! How precious and perfect. You are all truly blessed. :-)

  2. What beautiful little girls! Praise the Lord for blessing your family!

    Our youngest daughter had a baby boy born Jan. 12th and he was our 13th grandchild. The Lord has blessed as many times!

  3. Hi Lori,
    Thanks for dropping by and your kind comments are much appreciated. God has indeed been very gracious and they've both doubled their birth-weight a week ago. :)

  4. Hi Martie,
    Thanks, I'm honoured by your visit...a veteran grandmother of 13! Wow, a great blessing indeed! Ha..ha..I'm lagging way behind :-) only 3 grandchildren even though we're of the same age Congrats to you and family on your recent new addition. Hope God bless us with many more grandchildren, hah!!


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