Friday, May 26, 2006


I'll be retiring soon…countdown… another 3 working days left! What are my feelings??? Mixed - sad, but happy too!

Sad to leave because I enjoy working in my present job which I’ve held for more than 8 years in this small company with only 5 personnel including the boss and his wife – pleasant environment, easy manageable jobs, small workloads, lots of free time to surf the internet to pursue my personal interests and enhance my skills/knowledge etc., no pressure, no stress, no office politics, nice boss and colleagues, 5-day week and extra income ;)

Happy because I’m finally able to keep company with my beloved retired spouse, to be totally free with my time to manage as I wish, sleep late and wake up late too, pursue my other interests such as gardening without time constraint which had been previously restricted to the evenings or weekends, virtual gardening and internet surfing anytime (haha! when I do equip myself with a home pc, hopefully soon!), visit family members and friends more regularly, and lots more other things!

Hmmm….retiring is a more suited word for me, but truth be told I’m being retrenched because the company had to downsize to just husband and wife team due to unforeseen economic downturn. I empathize with them, business is truly a risk, sometimes beyond one's power or expectations. Hopefully their business will recover soon! My two other younger colleagues will have to find new employment. As for me, since I’m already beyond retirement age and had planned to retire in a couple of years time (though sooner now!), I’d rather be seen as retiring! :D

In fact, I was a retiree when I’d opted for early retirement from the government service in 1994, but chose to return to the workforce (private sector) in 1998 to be gainfully employed and to sharpen my mental powers as I was afraid to leave it idle and become senile prematurely :) Woo..hoo! mid next week, I’ll be a retiree again!

Now, my top priority is to buy a reliable home computer so that I can continue to pursue my addiction!

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