Tuesday, June 13, 2006

My New Toy! My Personal Computer!


I'm now equipped with a new desktop computer at home. Purchased the complete system on the 2nd. of June at Low Yat Plaza with the help of my ex-colleague who knows best about the specifications to meet my requirements and budget. It's customized with Intel Pentium 4 processor 3.06GHz, Intel D915GEV motherboard, 80GB HDD, 512MB DDR-2 RAM, DVD-RW/FDD, etc. and best of all complete with a 17" Philips LCD Monitor which is large enough for my 'failing' eyesight :D and a ADSL Router for high-speed broadband internet connection. All these and others at a very, very reasonable cost. I'm so thrilled and happy, praise The Lord!

Two days ago, my elder son and ex-colleague who have volunteered to help install the necessary operating system, drivers, softwares, etc. as well as auto connect my pc to the unlimited broadband internet access that I've subscribed to, finally completed the various tasks. I'm truly thankful and grateful to them.

Wow! Now I can continue with my addiction! On the other hand, I've realized that I can better organize my free time at home now, by pursuing my other interests too, such as gardening, reading and spending time/playing with my pet dog instead of being 'glued' to my pc! We'll see!! (wink!)

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