Saturday, July 22, 2006

Twins' Update!

Renice and Renee, my darling twin grand-daughters have grown remarkably strong and healthy, praise the Lord! They're now nearly 7 months old, can turn to their front on their own, loves to gurgle and be pampered with attention, smiling and grinning cheekyly when teased, etc. etc. They're so adorable, cuddly and great fun to be with, provided they're not in their crying moods! :D

Surprisingly, the younger twin is ahead of her sister in movement as she can wriggle her way forward like a worm, :) whereas the elder one ( it because she's heavier?) would be stationary on her stomach with her four limbs in the air (like a supergirl, female version of superman :) and she can maintain this position pretty long!)

Photo speaks a million words, so I'm sharing here a collection of lovely bonding shots of them, captured by their daddy about 3 weeks ago who beautifully titled this set as 'Fooling Around".


    Congrats, Grandma. Are these your first or are you an old hand at this? :) I'm new at Moosey's so I haven't found out a lot about the other gardeners yet.

    Give those lovely little ladies a hug for me...I do so miss having little ones youngest grandchild is 10 years-old. No more babies. :(

    My youngest child is 35!! How is it that the years hurry away so fast?

    Again, congratulations on the beautiful granddaughters!
    Want'a be gardener from Oklahoma, USA: Norvona

  2. Thanks for visiting and leaving your lovely wishes/comments, Norvona. I'm delightfully surprised and pleased :) by your visit, my gardening forum friend!

    Besides, these lovely twins belonging to my elder son, I've another 6 years-old grand-daughter whose father is my younger son. :)

    Time flies, but we remain youthful with our gardening passion, don't you think so? ;)

  3. OH Jacqueline, I love, love, love your babies!! Having 4 of our own, and 6 grandchildren, I love looking at others'. They are so much love, and fun, unless, as you say, they are in one of their crying moods, but sometimes even then.

    The youngest of our 6 is 6 year old Kathryn. She takes ballet and plays soccer. I thought of her when I saw your little granddaughter's picture - so cute!

    I want to thank you for visiting my website and helping us with the identification of the plants. You really zeroed in on the Mussaenda. I looked at all they had on their website. Thank you for sending the link to it. Lovely.

    The photographer who is trying to learn what those plants are is my sister-in-law. She, too, has fraternal twin granddaughters (7 years old, now) so I sent links to photos of yours. She will love seeing them. Her children are in California and she lives in Illinois which are on opposite sides of the continent almost as far apart as could be. Which means, she makes many flying trips out there to visit and to help out every chance she gets. I hope yours are much, much closer to you.

    I wanted to contact you, but I didn't think it would be right to take up any more of Moosey's space with messages about my website. And, in my search for a way to email you, I discovered your blog and your Flickr collection of photos.

    My computer was down the past two days for maintenance, so I am very far behind. I do want to come back and look at all your flickr collections and read your blog. And, to top it off, this is the second time I've typed this! First time, I typed it directly into your comments, but when I clicked "preview", blogspot lost it and said the page wasn't available - grrr, blogspot!! so, I am doing this from memory (will forget something for sure) and am typing it in "notepad" hoping to copy and paste it into your comments. If they lose it again, at least all I have to do is copy from Notepad again. Husband suggested I should do it that way.

    My real name is Barbara; our grandchildren call me Bobbie (my id at Moosey's); a beloved elder relative (grandmother's sister) called me Barbee', the identity I chose for my website and having fun with it. With so many B's, I usually sign off my messages with just a B and let others fill in the one they choose.

    Again, thank you for your help.
    Sincerely, B............ :)

  4. Dear Bobbie, I'm very happy to see you here. Thanks for dropping by and posting your sweet comments. Aha! so you're ahead of me - wiser and more experienced: my eldest grand-daughter's age is the same as your youngest :) and she also loves ballet! I'm fortunate that I'm able to see my grandchildren quite frequently as they're staying quite close by.

    Regarding the naming of your flower, it was my pleasure really! I'm so happy to be of help. It's a win-win case where I'm enriched too ;)

    Haha! I've encountered the same problem with 'lost' comments too! So, normally (if I remember!) before I hit the preview button, I'd select the typewritten text (Ctrl+A) and copy (Ctrl+C). Thus, in case it's lost, I just need to paste (Ctrl+V) what was copied into the empty box!


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