Wednesday, November 22, 2006

More pictures of our twin grand-daughters

Renee on the left and Renice on the rightWow, Renice and Renee will be 11 months old in three days time! How time flies, especially if you're not their nanny! ;-) Yesterday, my wonderful spouse and I had a glorious time spent with our twin grand-daughters and my sister. Here are some lovely pictures captured yesterday by their grandpa as keepsakes! Aren't they adorable??


  1. Hello Jacqueline, the twins get cuter and cuter. I can hardly believe they are almost a year old. Where did that year go!

    Keep us posted with new pictures :)

  2. Hi Bobbie, what a lovely surprise to see you around and thanks for nice comments! Time really flies and praise God that they're healthy and have grown so well and adorable! ;) They'll be walking pretty soon, I think! :)


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