Sunday, December 03, 2006

First Sunday of Advent, 2006!

Tree lighted up but shot without flash and with ceiling lights switched off Today, fond memories of past first Sundays of Advent float dreamily in my mind, recapturing precious moments spent with family members putting up our Christmas tree annually! A wonderful tradition that we still maintain, though for this year our tree was up last Sunday, but will only be lighted up every night starting tonight! We just love this blessed month of December! :D

Why was our tree up last Sunday, a week before the season of Advent? Go ahead, blame this soon-to-be 60 years old mummy, and daddy who's as aged and got their dates all mixed up! LOL! Anyway, last Sunday was a better choice of gathering our sons and their family home as our younger boy will be going to Davos, Switzerland for training on the 7th. of December and I would think that he'll need this weekend to pack and get ready for his forthcoming trip.

This year, our Christmas tree theme is purple and silver, different from our usual red and gold combination! A fascination I acquired when strolling at The Curve, Mutiara Damansara on New Year's day of 2006 where Darren and wife treated us on my birthday. Yanti, our loving daughter-in-law remembered our fascination of this trendy decoration and decided to surprise us this year with something quite similar! She's very creative in her handiwork - did a purple skirt with beads and ribboned edge for the base of Christmas tree, some dainty purple mini-handbags and lacy ribbons, as well as bought some mini butterflies.

She told me softly last Sunday that this is her labour of love for me and daddy and that she loves us very much. Oh...such sweet words ringing in my ears and how blessed I feel to get this affirmation! David and Kellie presented us with lovely Christmas trinkets and deco last Christmas and these came in handy now.

What a wonderful family get together – a great day spent cooking some of their favourite food from 9 a.m. (hokkien mee and yong-tow-foo), eating and enjoying each other’s company amidst laughter and fun. We had some yummy mini cheese tarts and dragon fruits that were brought home too. Of course David and Kellie were busy with their twins, Renice and Renee and luckily had help from Kellie's cousin, May who came along. So Yanti, Dylea (our other charming grand-daughter) and I did a good job decorating our Christmas tree. Darren did the final touching-up after he had watched his favourite Formula 1 on TV and his father just love to watch and observe all the fun going on! It was a glorious day well spent and treasured within my heart! :) :D

Our family of 9 Dylea clutching her barbie doll Dylea and Renice Renice Darren, Yanti and Dylea Dylea

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