Saturday, December 09, 2006

Mozilla Firefox to the rescue!

My elder son had installed Mozilla Firefox for me a few weeks ago, insisting that this is a better browser than Internet Explorer. But I had continued using IE instead as I'm very familiar and confident with it. Anyway, this other alternative browser came in very handy recently!

Aaargh!!!...sometimes it can be so frustrating when you can't upload images in Blogger! This happened in my previous post dated December 3rd. where I tried umpteen times that night and decided to publish post without them. However, being the stubborn and persevering kind, I tried again and again for the next 2 days and finally succeeded after surfing Blogger help for answers!

My eyes were drawn to this particular suggestion:
"Try using a different browser. Internet Explorer 6 and Mozilla Firefox will usually give the best results. If you're already using one of those, give the other one a try."
And I did exactly as suggested, using the Mozilla Firefox browser to edit my post and finally succeeded in posting the pictures I'd wanted! I'm putting this on record in case I face the same problem again (which is very likely as this is my second encounter!!) and will return here in future for reference in troubleshooting image upload problems. Moreover, my human brain is failing and getting unreliable these days? ;)

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