Sunday, December 31, 2006

Counting my blessings!

In a couple of hours, the year 2006 is coming to an end! It's time to sit and ponder of the many blessings received this year and throughout my entire life and marvel at God’s astounding and unconditional love, mercy, kindness and boundless blessings!

Listed alphabetically below are some of the blessings in random order of importance....

A...All my senses, especially hearing, sight, smell, touch, taste and equilibrium; Apple pie; Alive in Christ; Adopted sister; Activities;
B...Best friends; Babies; Blessings; Blogging; Bible; Books; BEC (basic ecclesial communities); Birthday celebrations; Brother; Birds; Butterflies; Blueberry cakes; Brains;
C...Catholic faith; Computer; Chocalates; Cakes; Cineplex; Car; Churches; Camera; Compassion; Challenges;
D...Daughters-in-law; Doctors; Dentist; Dreams; Duties; Durians; Drinks;
E...Education; Eating; Enjoyment; Easter; Eucharistic celebrations;
F...Family; Family gatherings; Friends; Faith in Jesus; Flickr photo-sharing community; Financial stability; Food; Fruits; Forgiveness; Flowers; Failures;
G...God, our Heavenly Father; Grand-daughters; Good health; Grace; Guidance; Gardens/Gardening; Garden forums/friends; Gifts;
H...Home; Happiness; Hope; Holidays; Holy Spirit;
I...Internet access; Ice-cream; Intelligence;
J...Jesus; Joy; Jam; Jokes; Jobs;
K...Kindness; Knowledge;
L...Love; Life; Listening; Learning; Laughter;
M...Motherhood; Marriage; Mother Mary; Medicine; Music; Mangoes; Movies; Magazines;
N...Newspapers; Nuts; Nieces; Nephews;
O...Oranges; Offertory; Offers;
P...Pension; Pet dog; Part-time maid; Peace; Prayers; Plants; Patience; Photos; Presents; Protection; Priests;
R...Retirement; Rain; Radio; Reconciliation; Rest; Relatives; Relationships; Resources;
S...Sons; Sisters-in-law; Songs; Successes; Sleep; Stability and peace in our country; Sunshine; Smiles; Safety;
T...Television; Trials and tribulations; Telephones;
U...Unity in family;
V...Visions; Vocations; Vacations;
W...Wedding anniversaries (37th a few days ago); Wisdom; Wonderful family life; Water; Walks;
X...X'mas; X-rays;
Y...Youths; Youthfulness; Years;
Z...Zeal; Zest;

I worship, I adore and I praise You, Almighty and Eternal God. All glory and honour are yours and yours alone, Heavenly Father! I thank You very much for the countless blessings received and am most grateful! I thank You for the new year 2007 which will begin in less than 10 mins, my 60th birthday which will be on new year's day too and uplift the days ahead as I don't know what lies ahead for us. I ask for your continued blessings, grace, wisdom, guidance, mercy, compassion and love for my family and myself, as well as for all mankind. I implore your Abiding Presence in my journey of life and journey of faith as I seek to do your will and desire to be obedient. I ask all this in Jesus most precious name, Amen.

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