Saturday, January 20, 2007

The Many Faces Of Our Pet Dog, Maxi!

Don't I look smart and handsome? A close-up portrait of Maxi, our cross-bred miniature pinscher! Isn't he handsome? :D My hubby and I just love him soooo...much! What joy and sunshine he brings into our lives every day! We'd like to think that he experience these same feelings as we spoil him crazy!!

Sharing below are some recent pictures of his quiet moments when he was a willing model, allowing me to 'ogle' him with my camera and happily snapping away countless shots...of course only the good ones are posted here. ;)

I'm a doggie, I don't understand what you're saying! Your trusted Sentinel, I'm always alert and watchful! You can snap my side profile now! Aargh!!...why didn't you clean my eyes earlier? ???...what am I having for dinner tonight? Can I have my breakfast now, please? This is how I stretch to keep fit! I'm tired, can you continue this photo session another day? Please let me be, I'd like my rest now!

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