Monday, April 30, 2007

Nissan Sunny 130Y bow out to Kenari EZ

This Easter month of April had been the best so far! Experiencing one joy after another! Firstly, there were new treasures from our garden plant family, then I had great adventures with the animal kingdom and today our joy culminated with the driving back home of a brand NEW RED TOY from PERODUA - a Kenari EZ!

My beloved's last pose in our Nissan SunnyFinally, out goes our dear old faithful Nissan Sunny 130Y which had been with us since 1986! A very reliable and dependable car, indeed! Can you believe that this Nissan was 'smashed right in' at the back by a military truck after its first 4th month on the road, yet it survived outstandingly against all odds to serve us for almost another 21 years?

Such fond memories we have with this beauty that had 'driven us' all over West Malaysia. And, in return my beloved spouse had maintained it so well too, as he would a mistress if he had one! :D

We'll miss it very much, but a change from this manually operated vehicle to another with automatic and power steering is a necessity now that my better half is experiencing shoulder pain and stiffness in his advancing 'youth'!

Sharing here a strange happening earlier in the morning while my beloved hubby was driving it for the last time, on our way to show the potential buyer! Our Nissan Sunny just stalled and refused to budge about 50 yards from our home! Almost as if it knew, thus throwing tantrums and not wanting to be parted? What a coincidence! Fortunately the road was at a gradient and my hubby allowed the car to roll down and managed to park it at the roadside. Then, he drove with our new Kenari EZ to fetch the buyer who was fascinated with our Nissan and still wished to buy in spite of not being able to test drive. However, we were poorer by RM200/= to compensate for repairs. My hubby suspects it's the AC pump! (Update May 3 - we found out a few days later that it was the platinum point which cost only RM20/=! LOL! What a tease!)

Light green Nissan Sunny 130Y parked at our car porch Nissan Sunny's last afternoon at its home. The red Kenari EZ across the road is going to take over! Kenari EZ at our car porch
Kenari EZ is much smaller but it'll be perfect for just the two of us oldies though its color is a bit too youngish, don't you think? Well, nothing like a radiant red cloak to cover our blemishes!! :D
Anyway, this lovely fiery red vehicle will surely bring smiles to our garden, a wonderful place it'll love to share! I should know!! :)


  1. hie very nice exterior sunny u got there :P i hd one exactly the same...still in very good working condition just need to repaint it then it look brand it...

  2. Hi Bryan! Thanks for dropping by and leaving your kind comment! :)'s a great car, worth every penny spent on'll service you more than a hundredfold! :D We love ours too but circumstances caused us to part ways! :(

  3. What is the Sunny 130Y? Across the Causeway, we only have the old Sentra/Sunny/Pulsar. Thought it was a Laurel C32..


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