Tuesday, May 29, 2007

More money! More spending!

Yippee! Our pension is to be increased, effective July 1, 2007! Praise The Lord! :D

Salary increase for civil servants EQUALS pension increase for government pensioners! That’s the latest announcement by our Prime Minister ten days ago and that’s music to our ears!

Hmm...more money to spend! More hi-tea and food outings are in the pipeline for our pensioners’ group! Shhhh...don’t disclose this, otherwise the hotels and eateries that offer 50% price discount for senior citizens will cease this privilege! In fact, some have reduced the percentage to 30% - must have noticed that the older folks with their loaded pockets are frequent patrons and consume more food than the younger folks! :D

Anyway, it is inevitable that the greedy traders will raise the prices of goods and services, and as usual the consumers stand to loose! And that’s where a large portion of the increased pension money will be reluctantly parted to. I think no amount of enforcement to check price control can ever outwit these opportunists! :(

So, spend wisely!
Eat smart (nutrition-wise and money-wise!) and stay healthy!
For good health is wealth, as is love, peace and joy!

And money saved should be shared, yes?
Lord Jesus, give me a generous and charitable heart!

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