Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas Day, 2007

Our lovely grand-daughters Our Christmas family reunion with 3 relatives It was an absolutely wonderful day spent with family members and relatives to celebrate Christmas and the gift of life for our twin grand-daughters who were born prematurely on Christmas day, 2 years ago. Thanks be to God, they've grown so well and are such adorable darlings with their cute and charming ways. Of course, our eldest grandchild who excelled in her academic studies, ballet and taekwondo recently is no less adorable and charming too! :)

My beloved spouse and I started the day by attending church with my sister and niece to thank God Almighty for all His many blessings, especially the gift of Jesus on Christmas Day and welcome Jesus into our hearts, minds and lives, allowing His Light to shine on us always. The presiding Priest gave a lovely homily on the all-embracing love of God, emphasizing that Christmas is all about God's constant love and faithfulness for the whole of mankind, and His salvific plan for humanity.

Later, we met up with the rest of our family members before noon for lunch at a Chinese Restaurant, Quality Hotel which served sumptuous 'dim sum', other delicacies and deserts. It was buffet style and the best thing was you can eat all you want from the buffet counter for a fixed price from 9 am. to 2.30 pm. We spent almost 3 hours delighting in whatever were served and enjoying each other's company.

Christmas and birthday presents for grabs? Family members and relatives relaxing at the sitting hall Subsequently, all adjourned to the warmth of our home to spend the rest of Christmas day together. Presents were happily exchanged as a show of love and of course, the twins received their birthday gifts too!

A great family get together with much feasting, laughing and sharing joy, love and fellowship. Christmas night ended with a simple dinner of noodles and curry chicken, which I prepared for the gang. Hubby and I abstain from eating further as our stomach just couldn't accommodate anymore. Or probably, we were too filled with happiness and joy to need anymore food that night!

Indeed, my beloved spouse and I are so happy - this Christmas was the best ever since our sons got married, because all our family members managed to get together on Christmas day itself and spent almost the whole day together. A truly wonderful FAMILY day, simple and fuss-free, just enjoying each other's presence. Such pleasure and joy we experience whenever we succeed to get all our family members to meet, bond and spend quality time together. What precious moments to savour! And precious captures too to add to our family album.

Even one of our daughters-in-law who is a Muslim enjoyed herself so much and quietly suggested to me that we celebrate future Christmases on the actual day and not on Christmas Eve night as we've previously done. She said that Eve night is too short! This is testament that the Spirit of Christmas was indeed prevalent throughout that day amongst us all and in our home! Thanks be to God!

Previous Christmas Eve celebrations have always been very wonderful too where my hubby and I will gather not only our own family members but my brother's and his sister's family also. All the hectic preparations, cooking and hosting for such a large gathering had not been a problem, until these last 3 years, when our aging seem to take a toll on our aching hands and legs. So, we've given up this Christmas Eve tradition of gathering such a huge crowd and funnily neither my brother or sister-in-law opted to take turns hosting instead.

Here's sharing some more pictures of Christmas 2007 at home!

Twins with their mommy and cousin sister Twins with their mommy and cousin sister My spouse with our eldest grandchild Our twin grand-daughters enjoying their new toy stroller Our eldest grand-daughter My sister with her daughter and grand-nieces in the garden


  1. Three darling little girls; what precious little faces! Thank you for letting us peep into your family gatherings and celebrations. What a big, wonderful, and beautiful family you have. I have enjoyed my visits.

  2. My pleasure really, Bobbie. You've delighted me so with your visits and sweet words. Thank you so much. I'm happy you've enjoyed your 'stay'. :)


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