Friday, July 04, 2008

Movie titled 'WANTED'

Movie poster 'Wanted'Currently the #1 movie in Malaysia!

Went with my beloved spouse, John to watch this movie yesterday afternoon. As usual, senior citizens like us are charged half the price, to watch any movie during the week days!

Just great and the $$ saved here were just nice to pay for a simple twosome lunch of noodles and drinks. :D

Quite an entertaining action-packed thriller, which started off rather slowly and uninterestingly that we thought we were watching the wrong movie! But it picked up steam immediately after the initial dullness with the appearance of Angelina Jolie, to a fast pulsating pace all the way through to the end, laced with deceit and treachery.

Starring: James McAvoy (as Wesley Gibson, a 'Mr. Nobody' transformed into a cold-blooded assassin), Morgan Freeman (as Sloan, leader of the Fraternity, an ancient society of assassins) and Angelina Jolie (as Fox, a top-notch assassin, assigned to transform Wesley).


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