Sunday, November 16, 2008

Remedy/treatment for gout pain

Aargh, a second distressing occurence within such a short period!

This time my beloved spouse, John fell ill! Just one and a half weeks after my recovery from illness!

Out of the blues and without any warning, gout suddenly attacked him on Wednesday night, November 5, 2008. Initially, he had thought that it was just some muscular pain or sprain around his left ankle that resulted from some cycling exercises done earlier in the evening. The discomfort was rather mild and bearable but by midday the next day, there was noticeable swelling and inflammation around the ankle and the pain had become more intense. And yet, this filial son insist on keeping our weekly lunch appointment with his mum, as well as a garden visit cum dinner appointment with his cousin and wife. And, he kept up the foot sprain pretense to me too, just not to worry me unduly.

However, when we returned home after dinner and the pain eventually became too unbearable he revealed his actual condition. It was definitely gout, he remarked fearfully as he recalled the excruciating pain he had experienced almost 12 years ago, his first attack.

No point seeing a GP for relief, he said as he cannot take any painkillers which will trigger his stomach ulcers to bleed! He just had to bear and live with the pain until it subsides itself, probably in about 2 weeks or more. O, what horror and what torment! I can still remember the agony of his previous gout attack.

Fortunately, I am more computer-savvy now. And straightaway, I googled for 'how to relieve gout pain' to find an alternative natural treatment/remedy. I narrowed down to 2 search results as follows that I had found convincing and bookmarked them:

1) Gout remedies - Health 911
2) What helps gout pain - symtoms and treatment

Though many remedies/treatment for gout pain were recommended, we narrowed down to a few practical ones and that too depending on whatever was readily available at the supermarket/wet market. John did the following:
  1. Drank 8-10 glasses of water daily, to dilute urine and help body excrete uric acid.
  2. Applied cold packs to inflamed swollen ankle for 10 mins (moving from one spot to another every minute), then followed with a moist hot towel compress for 5-10 mins, to soothe and numb the pain.
  3. Frequently rested and kept inflamed foot elevated to avoid stress.
  4. Avoided coffee, chocolates and other food high in purine (such as anchovies, asparagus, legumes, mushrooms, red meat, organs and shellfish) that will further increase the uric acid level.
  5. Added fresh lemon juice to tea or water a few times daily. Lemon juice stimulates the formation of calcium carbonate in the body, to neutalize the uric acid.
  6. Added apple cider vinegar, saffron and lots of garlic to cooking/diet.
  7. Increased intake of fruits (especially bananas) and leafy green vegetables (excluding spinach).
  8. Supplemented with vitamin C, 500mg twice daily.
  9. Ate lots of grapes 3 times daily as grapes are high in alkalines which lessen the acidity of uric acid and aid its elimination from the body.
Consumption of cherry juices/cherries, strawberries, blueberries which have high antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties are highly recommended to quickly relief gout pain and speed the process of uric acid elimination. Too bad we were unable to purchase them.

Nonetheless, by following the regime itemized above, he was able to endure the pain which was very much lessened this time around and was healed pretty quick, within a week actually. Moreover, he did not experience the intolerable throbbing pain he had previously encountered except for one brief night due to the unavoidable stressing of his inflamed foot earlier by walking up and down the staircase one time too many.

By the 9th morning, he was his usual self again and walking perfectly normal since then.

Alleluia! Praise and thank The Lord for answering our prayers for his healing and speedy recovery!

Update: Dec 19, 2008
Just to include a link here on Gout foods that harm and heal for further knowledge.

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