Thursday, November 20, 2008

Toshiba 3-door Refrigerator

Our old faithful Toshiba Refrigerator (MODEL: GR-333ESV) finally quit on us, after having served us for 24.5 years, nearly a quarter of a century. During its entire stay, only once had it a minor fault. Truly, a very hardy and reliable 3-door beauty that would be much missed!
Longevity: May 14, 1984 - November 12, 2008.

Our old Toshiba 3-door refrigerator (MODEL: GR-333ESV) Our old Toshiba 3-door refrigerator (MODEL: GR-333ESV)

So, we had to get a replacement the soonest, and this was what we bought within the second day on Friday, November 14. Another Toshiba 3-door refrigerator again, model: GR-M38MDV (380 litres).

Our new Toshiba 3-door refrigerator (MODEL: GR-M38MDV) Our new Toshiba 3-door refrigerator (MODEL: GR-M38MDV)

Surprisingly, it costs only RM1,480.00, much less than our previous one at RM1,750.00. Probably, material is of poorer quality and lightweight as the delivery men remarked that the older model was much heavier as they carted it off. In comparison, I would prefer the older model which had more shelves to conveniently store more and the way the third door opened with the vegetable/fruit container without any obstruction to fill it up. But of course, the newer model is better with newer technology. It boasts of a hybrid guard system which incorporates UV fresh guard, cool air wrap and hybrid plasma deo to keep the air clean and contents fresh. The best part is it is frost-free, so no more manual defrosting as of the old.


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