Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Day 2008 @ Makan Makan, Coronade Hotel KL

Our 2008 Christmas tree
This wonderful day started with John and I attending church in the morning to celebrate Christ's birthday, welcome Him into our heart, mind and home and to thank our Heavenly Father for the precious gift of baby Jesus and His countless blessings.

Then, onward to The Coronade Hotel at Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur at noontime to enjoy luncheon with family members and relatives at Makan Makan Coffee House.

The Christmas Day halal high-tea luncheon was from 12.30-5pm at RM48++ for adults and 50% discount for children below 12yrs and senior citizens above 55yrs. The hi-tea spread was supposedly to include halal stuffed turkey, seafood pilaf rice, oyster, prawns and mussels on ice, satay, roasted whole lamb and a variety of cakes and other goodies.

But what a disappointment! Food was definitely not up to standard nor value for money! Crowd was too large and food was insufficient! It's a case of demand exceeding supply!

To top it all, the long queue and waiting, especially for grilled fish, satay and turkey really spoilt our appetite! Also, less than 2 hours later, there was no more servings of roasted turkey! Some late-comers did not even get to eat the turkey! Can you beat that...and we came here specially for it? Service was slow and unsatisfactory. Aargh!! For sure, we won't ever patronize this place again!

Nonetheless, I do feel blessed and am thankful to be able to afford such luxuries and pleasures...so, stop complaining...??

Entertainment included Santa Claus and the Magical Clown. So, fortunately our grandchildren were kept fully thrilled by them and playing with whatever were inside their party packs, which each diner received! Incidentally, Renice and Renee, our twin-grandchildren were 3 years old on Christmas day. Yippee and happy birthday, darlings!!

By 3pm, we decided to leave Makan Makan and return to the coziness of our home. Here, Christmas presents were delightfully exchanged, with laughter, fellowship and family bonding continuing until about 9 in the night. Of course, the twins received their birthday presents too and the night ended with a simple home-cooked dinner! Just noodles, nothing elaborate! ;)

Without doubt, it was a joyous and enjoyable day, well-spent with family members and relatives!

Posting some photos taken by our elder son, David! Humph...my Canon camera had some hiccups...what a day to show its tantrums!! :-D

A pose with the clown at Makan Makan Coffee House, Coronade Hotel

Dylea and Renee, enjoying their party packs

My family of nine and relatives, in front of our Christmas tree

Our grandchildren

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