Thursday, February 25, 2010

CNY reunion dinner @ Minmax Restaurant, PNB Darby Park

Kitchen closed for the day...hehe, dining out on that auspicious day, of course! "Tak larat masak lagi" means, Too tired to cook!! :-D

My darling, John and I had our 2010 Chinese New Year reunion eve-dinner on February 13th with our beloved family of 9 members plus my sister and her daughter at Minmax Restaurant, PNB Darby Park. It's a HALAL eatery where we recently dined to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversay, our second visit in less than 2 months.

Outside the entrance of Minmax Restaurant and the PNB Darby Building

Dinner reservation was made much earlier. The restaurant offered 6 kinds of CNY special set menus, ranging in prices from the highest RM1,888++ to the lowest RM398++. Not willing to have a big hole in our pockets, we opted for the lowest which included the following dishes:
  • Minmax Fatt Choy Raw Fish Yee Sang
  • Braised Shark's Fin Soup with dried scallops
  • Baked Seaperch with yellow bean and black pepper sauce
  • Cold Sea Prawns with mixed fruit sauce
  • Deep Fried Spicy Crispy Chicken in Hakka style
  • Braised Mixed Vegetable with mushroom
  • Fried Rice with dried oyster & BBQ chicken in Hong Kong style
  • Double-boiled Longan with sweet corn and white fungus
  • Chinese New Year little cold dessert
Just perfect, we thought for a table of 11 including our three grand-children. But, we were in for a nasty surprise that evening., food and service was complaint here, but ambience was a total disaster! The air-conditioning system was not working at all! Apparently, the repairing team had been at it since morning and was just unable to fix the problem. You can just imagine the commotion and din created by angry diners.

Eeek, it was extremely uncomfortable...a hot, hot and sweaty evening for all of us!! A couple of standing fans were placed strategically, but hopelessly useless as only the hot air therein was being circulated? We just wanted to finish our food as fast as they could serve our dishes and exit pronto! Poor David, our elder son who was seated opposite me was practically bathing in his sweat.

Whatever, John dearest and I never forget God's bountiful grace and blessings! We're most thankful and grateful for the 'banquet' we enjoyed that evening, together with the loving company and fellowship of our beloved family members, sister and niece. Praise and thank God for these blessings and many more!

A dish of CNY Yee Sang with raw fish at Minmax Restaurant
Yee Sang with raw fish, a must-dish for the CNY! The higher it's tossed, the better
for prosperity, luck, health, wealth, success, etc...etc to fill our days.

Food collage: Shark's Fin, Baked Seaperch, Cold Sea Prawns and Crispy Chicken
Clockwise from top left: Shark's Fin, Baked Seaperch, Cold Sea Prawns and Crispy Chicken.
All delicious and satisfying! My favourite is the very fresh and spongy prawns
with its lovely fruity sauce....finger-licking goodness!

 Food collage: Braised Mixed Vege, Fried Rice, Double-boiled Longan with corn+white fungus and CNY cold desert
Clockwise from top left: Braised Mixed Vege, Fried Rice,
Double-boiled Longan with corn+white fungus and CNY cold desert.
Here, the fried rice stands out for me...I was rather surprised that it was truly delicious
despite the fact that it's halal and without pork!

Total cost of CNY reunion dinner including chinese tea, towels and nuts came to RM475.75, okay..lah, since it saved John and I the enormous task of cooking at home! Ahem...this is the festive time when owners of restaurants are laughing all the way to the bank!

MinMax Restaurant
PNB Darby Park
Jalan Binjal
50450 Kuala Lumpur
(Tel: 603-2166 8669)

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