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Chinese New Year 2010 @ Benteng Coffee House, Quality Hotel KL

Chinese New Year for 2010, also represented as the year of the Tiger, started on February 14th which coincided with Valentine's Day, making it a double celebration for many. The 15-day festivities ended just a few days ago on February 28th.

Falling on Sunday, the first day of CNY cum Valentine's Day provided John dearest and I the opportunity to start off the glorious day by attending the 9.30am Eucharistic Mass Celebration that was laced with a Chinese New Year theme. A wonderful 2-hour celebration of praise, worship and singing that ended with distribution of a mandarin orange and a traditional red packet (ang pow) containing RM1.10 each for every parishioner. A big thank you to the Chinese Apostolate and others of our SFA Church!

Subsequently, John and I proceeded with my sis, Carol to Benteng Coffee House at Quality Hotel City Centre, Kuala Lumpur, to meet up with the rest of our family members and enjoy a sumptuous CNY buffet hi-tea.

Collage: the entrance to Quality Hotel, KL and inside Benteng Coffee House with the cake and desserts spread

That day, it offered its diners to eat-all-you-can from 12 noon till 5 pm. Yey! But, of course, there's a limit to how expandable one's stomach is to down them all, right? Moreover, you'd need to have many disposable hours to enjoy the wondrous food fare and with the right company...the more the merrier, I think!

Snapshot of our beloved family, plus my sis, inside Benteng Coffee House, Quality HotelSnapshot of my daughters-in-law and grandchildren, at the lobby of Quality Hotel, just outside Benteng Coffee House

John and I feel very blessed indeed to be able to have all our beloved family members and my sis (pity that her daughter was absent as she had to work that day) gather together once again to celebrate the first day of the Lunar New Year. Having dined together the previous day at Minmax Restaurant for our CNY's eve reunion, we're deeply thankful and grateful to God for this continuous blessing. These are treasured moments in our lives that's priceless!

Just have a peep at the following photo-collages which I enjoyed creating, to see how exciting the food fare was and so beautifully displayed, especially the cakes and desserts. Ahah, I had a happy time too snapping away with my Canon point and shoot camera (PowerShot SX200IS) as we were almost the first few customers and dishes were untouched then. :-D

CNY 2010 high-tea at Benting Coffee House, Quality Hotel: various sumptuous food fare
The main courses included chinese noodles, mee rebus, spaghetti, fried rice,
roasted lamb, roasted duck, fried chicken, curry beef, nasi lemak, etc.

CNY 2010 high-tea at Benting Coffee House, Quality Hotel: various sumptuous food fare
Yee Sang, specially featured for CNY (not that good though as consisted mainly of dried/fried stuff)
and an assortment of cold dishes that included veggie and salads,
mayonnaise baby octopus and fish nuggets, roasted chicken,
tuna-filled croissants, sushi, etc.

CNY 2010 high-tea at Benting Coffee House, Quality Hotel: various sumptuous food fare
Penang fruit rozak, preserved fruits, ice kacang, fresh fruits,
and not forgetting ice-cream, hot soups and hot dessert drinks to indulge in!

CNY 2010 high-tea at Benting Coffee House, Quality Hotel: various sumptuous desserts and cakes
Desserts and cakes (local and international) were aplenty.
Don't they look tempting and delicious? They surely were!
I couldn't resist and tried them all!

CNY 2010 high-tea at Benting Coffee House, Quality Hotel: various sumptuous food fare
These are some of what I gorged myself with...
besides nasi lemak and fruit rozak, etc. not shown here!
Hee hee, quite an awful lot, huh!

On the whole, we did enjoy most of the plentiful array of sumptuous food that were tasty and delicious. Diners weren't many, probably 30-40 persons, so there were ample to delight in.

Total luncheon cost was only RM241.50 (RM35++ per adult x 4 pax; RM17.50++ per child/senior citizen x 4). My beloved and I feel that the cost was extremely reasonable, considering the fantastic number of dishes available, the cozy ambience and good service. Eating out on special occasions like this, is definitely a much better alternative to cooking and preparing food at home, which will result in only a few signature dishes that not only couldn't even complete the number of fingers on both palms but take days of planning, buying, etc. etc...hee hee!!

The Benteng Coffee House
Quality Hotel
City Centre Kuala Lumpur
Jalan Raja Laut
50750 Kuala Lumpur
(Tel.: 603-2693 9233)
Website: Quality Hotel City Centre, KL

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