Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Short Vacation in Cameron Highlands

Recently a group of seven retirees, including my beloved spouse, John and I travelled to Cameron Highlands in Pahang for a 3 nights/4 days short vacation.

An awesome holiday, we enjoyed ourselves tremendously with the right company and fantastic food to savour.

The first night we had a wonderful steamboat dinner in Brinchang. Hmm... rather remarkable that they were still using an old-fashioned steamboat appliance. We don't see this anymore in the lowlands where we reside.

Seven happy friends

Adding fresh uncooked food into the steamboat appliance

Next morning we visited Lavender Garden at Tringkap. It was our visit and we were indeed mesmerized by the eye-catchy plants that abound there and the lovely landscaping! Drank Lavender Tea for the first time and then adjourned to Brinchang for a yummilicious lunch. Relaxed in the late afternoon with a mahjong session.

Posing At Lavender Garden

Drank Lavender Tea

Admiring the gorgeous flowers and plants at Lavender Garden

Enjoyed the yummilicious lunch at Brinchang

A game of mahjong to recharge the mind, whenever free time permits

Dinner in the apartment was nasi lemak. Savoured the all-time favourite nasi lemak prepared by chef Mary... her unique Sarawak sambal is super tasty! Nasi lemak, KFC and wine to celebrate John Boi's birthday... treat by birthday boy and his beloved spouse, Mary! Much thanks, dear friends.

Nasi leak prepared by our chef, Mary Saradum

Enjoyed the wonderful nasi lemak, KFC and wine

Visit next morning was to Boh Tea Centre at Sungai Palas to enjoy the cool air, drank the Cameron tea and some cakes.

Posing at Sungei Palas Boh Tea Centre

Tea, cakes and buns for birthday boy

Viewing the tea plantation and capture the gorgeous plants

Then followed by noodles lunch for a change before a visit to Cactus Point in the afternoon to enjoy the numerous plants displayed.

'Beautiful' ladies posing at the Cactus Point

Some of the flowering beauties at Cactus Point

Goodbye Cameron Highlands! Thank you for keeping it lovely... we'll surely visit you again!

Posing in front of Khor's Apartment where we stayed

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