Thursday, May 19, 2016

Dim Sum at Restaurant Tim Ho Wan, Mid Valley

My beloved spouse, John and I were chauffeured by our darling elder son, David together with our daughter-in- law, Kellie to Mid Valley in Kuala Lumpur for lunch.

Tim Ho Wan with a glimpse of its varied menu
It was supposed to be a surprise... we weren't told at which eatery we were to dine.

We walked to Tim Ho Wan restaurant and were surprised at the lunch crowd. This restaurant was voted #1 in 2015 as the best restaurant in Asia. No wonder it is so very popular.

Tim Ho Wan with a glimpse of its varied menu
It served Hong Kong style dim sum and other favourite classic dishes.

Some of the delightful Hong Kong style dim sum
All the dishes were so flavourful and yummilicious that needed no sauces at all. We thoroughly enjoyed eating all the delightful dishes.

Hmm... looks like it is not necessary to fly to Hong Kong to enjoy their kind of special dim sum!

Will definitely return again to this popular restaurant at Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur! ;-)

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