Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Lunch at Heng Kee Fish Head Restaurant, Peel Road

Our retiree gang love to lunch at Heng Kee Restaurant at Peel Road.

Our retiree gang ;-)

We go there quite often to whet our appetite. Sometimes we share the bill, but very often it is being paid by a generous donor! Isn't that wonderful?

Our recent visit the restaurant recently shows that the owner had come out with a menu book that included many flavourful dishes.

Sharing some of the dishes that we enjoyed...

Top most in this photo collage is their signature dish: the steam fish head
More yummilicious dishes to enjoy!

Another group photo of our close-knit retiree friends
Prices are inexpensive and suit our pockets superbly!

Looking forward very much to lunch at Heng Kee Fish Head Restaurant again.

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