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Cataract Surgery by Dr. Kok Howe Sen

Not me this time but my mother-in-law (MIL) who had cataract surgery done on both her eyes at Eye Specialist Clinic Kok & Kok, 96 Jalan Gasing, 46000 Petaling Jaya, by Dr. Kok Howe Sen

Business Card: Eye Specialist Clinic Kok & Kok Location Map to Eye Specialist Clinic Kok & Kok

Both eyes on the same day, you might ask? Of course not, though it is possible as experienced by a friend of ours who had cataract operation on both her eyes on the same day, one after another, at Wong Yiing Cheong Specialist Eye Centre (WYCEC) in Cheras.

Anyway, my MIL had hers done about 3 months apart, first the left eye in March 2009, then followed by the right in June. Being so advance in age (85 years old), John (her son) and I thought it best for her to do one eye at a time with a rest period in between, even though doctors would advised differently. We didn't want her to be unduly afraid or anxious or felt pushed into an ordeal.

During her first clinical check, Dr. Kok diagnosed that she had cataract in both eyes besides age-related degeneration behind them, the right eye being in a worser condition. In fact, there was little vision in the right eye whereby fingers held at arms length away are vague to her. According to Dr. Kok, cataract surgery to the right eye may improve her vision very marginally. He suggested to do phacoemulsification (phaco for short) surgery to the left eye first as it will have a better chance of improved vision.

We praise and thank God that her first cataract operation was very successful with good vision that was better than expected, without complications and recovery was splendidly quick. Same too for the second cataract surgery to the right eye which resulted in vision as good as the left eye...we were wonderfully surprised! Tecnis IOL lenses were implanted in both eyes, Tecnis Z9001 +18.5D in the left eye and Tecnis Z9000 +08.0D in the right.

Patient's Tecnis Intraocular Lens ID Card Underside of Patient's Tecnis Intraocular Lens ID Card

Thanks too to her daughter who took good care of her mum, especially with regard to the regimented eye-drop applications and saloon-style hair-washing, daily for about a month after each surgery.

And, of course, a big thank you to Dr. Kok Howe Sen, the eye specialist who performed both the operations so skillfully, and to his team of nurses and staff.

Having gone through a right eye cataract surgery myself early this year at WYCEC and having accompanied my MIL on both of her surgeries at Eye Specialist Clinic Kok & Kok, I cannot help but share my thoughts and conclude the following :-
  • Thumbs up to Dr. Kok of Eye Specialist Clinic Kok & Kok! A very skilled eye surgeon/specialist of few words but has a heart of gold. He charges so reasonably, making it affordable to a wider general public especially those handicapped financially. I'd like to positively think he is charitable and in a way contributing to society, though others may think otherwise, a business strategy perhaps? Nonetheless it is a win-win situation that John and I are most appreciative. We know of other eye surgeons that charges RM3,000/= or more for the phaco procedure with the same Tecnis lens implant or of lesser grade and no frills attached too.
  • His charge for a phaco cataract surgery per eye is only RM2,200/= which is real value for money - not only the patient gets a super-skilled surgeon (he does 6-7 cataract operations per day) but gets implanted with a premium Tecnis aspheric intraocular lens (IOL) from USA for a safer and sharper vision. Included in the package too is the initial RM100/= refundable payment for first consultation, 2 types of eyedrops (1 bottle of Vigamox (moxifloxacin hydrochloride ophthalmic solution) + 2 bottles of Spersadex comp.) and 3 post-op checks (first one on the next day, then 3 days later and final check 3 weeks later). Isn't that great! To me, this speaks volume of his concern for the patient who needs assurance that everything is okay or otherwise.
  • We observed that Dr. Kok's clinic was always packed with patients the many times that we've been there. Lots of people with eye-related problems, especially cataract, seek him. He's very focused and organized. I'm truly amazed that he's able to juggle between seeing patients and perform operations during the clinical hours and does it so professionally.
  • Dr. Kok's Eye Specialist Clinic is housed in a single-storey building (bungalow), hence very ideal for elderly patients who might have difficulty climbing a staircase had it been otherwise. That was one of the reasons why we rejected WYCEC for my MIL as its operation suite is on the 1st floor and we didn't want to risk her to any danger of falling after the op. Haha, in a way, I was the guinea-pig for my MIL. Unfortunately the phaco procedure on my right eye done at WYCEC with the Zeiss aspheric IOL implant did not produce excellent results as expected, but that done for my MIL by Dr Kok gave her almost perfect sight in both eyes. Thank God!
  • I want that too for my left eye which has cataract. Without doubt, I'll be going to Dr. Kok for the phaco surgery one day. Probably not before my already operated right eye has fully recovered, with no discomfort of the quarter-moon halo and eye dryness. Pray that'll be soon...when, I wonder....humph, almost into my 7th month after surgery?
Update: Sept 17, 2010
Took my MIL for her first annual post-checkup last week (humph...a little overdue, I know!)
Dr. Kok is very pleased with the good condition of both her eyes. Splendid for her age! Yippee!!

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  1. Thanks for the update ...I think there are many patients hunting for good surgeons for the same purpose and g=have no clue where to fins them.

  2. My father just had the cataract surgery last week by Dr. Kok Thumbs up for Dr Kok. He is very skillful and nice. :)

  3. He sure is! Thanks for dropping by, Joey.

  4. Hi Jacqueline,

    How is your quarter-moon halo n eye dryness condition now? Hv u fully recovered?

    Me too need a cataract operation soon if God doesn't intervene tho' I hv been praying for decades.

    Went to Dr Kok clinic today. Talked to his mom n she highly recommend monofocal Tecnis lens. But I read d latest multifocal lens fr Tecnis is fantastic.

  5. Oh Douglas, how kind of you to enquire! Eye dryness have completely gone but quarter-moon halo still exists. That doesn't bother me anymore as I've gotten used to it but still praying for a miracle though. :)
    Until then, I'll postpone operation on the other eye...not courageous enough to take a chance as yet. Should it result with another halo, I'll be wearing binoculars for life then, huh?

    I've heard from friends that multifocal lens have a greater risk resulting in halos and just did a google search and got further info @

    Whatever, best to get expert advice from the specialist himself whether you need monofocal or multifocal lens.

    God bless you, Douglas, give you wisdom in your decision and grant you a perfect and successful operation if at all required!

  6. Thank you !your info is very useful!!!after saw ur blog i may thinking to bring My father go to Dr Kok to do cataract surgery.

  7. You're most welcome, Kevinsammy! I'm just sharing my observations and comparisons, nothing else!
    Nevertheless, wish your Dad all the very best for a successful surgery and speedy recovery, wherever the operation be done.

  8. Hi, Jacqueline

    Thank you for your sharing here. Because I have experience the same concern as you before. About 8 months ago, i had my cataract operation ( phacoemulsification ) performed by Dr Wong Yiing Cheong (WYCEC), I suffer from eye discomfort and halo. Time back to post-op checking, Dr.Wong ignore my complaint and said this is because of own worried. I'm so disappointed at the result and attitude. Thanks God I read your post today and can find the right doctor via you, Thanks Jac ^^

  9. You're most welcome, cupidlove.Sharon!
    Hope all's well with your cataract-operated eye now.

  10. Hi Jacqueline
    My husband visited Dr Kok (Jln Gasing) who confirmed that he has cataract in one of his eyes. Could you please let me know whether my husband can still work after his operation? I m asking cos my husband is 59+ and he keeps himself very active and I m only concerned that he may not be able to work (he's an automatic gate technician. However, I m also concerned that if he does not go for removal of the cataract, he may lose his sight! Please help! TQ. Best regards from MOON

  11. Hi Lim! Sorry to read about your hubby's condition.
    Please consult Dr Kok with regards to whatever concerns or fears you have...the specialist/eye surgeon knows best. Having checked your hubby's condition, he'd know the severity and can advise accordingly how soon the op should be done. You can then discuss with him about the post-op care specifically related to your hubby's nature of work too.
    Take care. Wish you both the best always!

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  13. Hello, Jacqueline

    Thank you for your useful information here. Your information been helping me a lot especially some of my queries related to eye problem. Furthemore, it's gain from your personal experience.. All the best!

  14. You're most welcome, Audrey! Nice to know that you've benefited from my sharings. God bless!

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