Monday, February 07, 2011

Shabu One Steamboat Buffet, Lot 10, Kuala Lumpur

Hehe...overindulgence of food had already started even before the Chinese New Year that commenced on 3rd February 2011!

My darling John, his mum and I were treated by our sons and daughters-in-law to a glorious steamboat buffet at Restaurant Shabu One on January 30th, in celebration of their dad's birthday, a day ahead! A great halal (pork-free) place for all Malaysians to eat healthy food, the steamboat-way, where one can eat-all-you-can within the 2-hour dining time allowed. Lovely too that maximum dining time was not strictly imposed that day and we got to spend great bonding times with our family members...eating, yakking and jollying, almost an hour longer!

Restaurant Shabu One signage and its beautifully designed interior

It was a first-time for John and I. And, we were indeed impressed by the place and food! Stylish and modern, the place was bright, cool and clean! Comfy too with tables well-spaced and not crammed at all like some other restaurants. Moreover, its steamboat concept is a modern one, using hot pots over the induction cookers to cook - really neat, clean and fuss-free.

And, beckoning its customers with a lavish spread of numerous kind of fresh food for the steamboat - truly wide, varied and properly displayed on the serving counters. Reminded me of walking leisurely in a supermarket, picking fresh produce! It boasts of more than 100 varieties of fresh seafood and signature dishes!

There are four types of soup base to choose from, namely Tom Yam Soup, Hot & Spicy Soup, Chicken Soup and Chinese Parsley with Century Egg Soup.

Sauces were aplenty and you can even concoct your own fancy sauces!

The sauce counter at Restaurant Shabu One
The sauce counter where you can concoct your own dipping sauces

Feast your eyes on the wonderful array of delicious cooked food,
fresh seafood/meat, etc. that were displayed that day

Cooked food at Restaurant Shabu One
Cooked food to relish while waiting for the ingredients in the steamboat to cook:
Long Jing Tea eggs, Fried rice, Fried sausages, Fried Kangkong with belachan,
Sweet sour chicken with capsicum, Fried tiger prawns with curry paste

More cooked food at Restaurant Shabu One
More ready-cooked food: Curry fish balls, Sliced ham,
Taiwanese kimchee, Nasi lemak, Deep-fried snacks (chicken skin),
and Honey chicken wings (Shabu One's most popular signature dish)

Vast assortment of noodles at Restaurant Shabu One
The noodles counter: such a large assortment of noodles, including chicken
and quail's eggs to choose from. Wet noodles were served too.

The seafood counter: seafood/meat balls, mussels, clams, snails, etc
The seafood counter: displaying various kind of seafood/meat balls and
many varieties of mussels, clams, snails, etc - all so fresh and inviting!

The seafood/meat counter at Restoran Shabu One
The fresh seafood and meat counter with white pomfrets, groupers, stingrays,
squid, prawns, crabs, tender beef slices and chicken fillet/wings, among others

The fresh vegetables counter with an assortment of greens, pumpkin, toufu, mushrooms, legumes, etc.
The fresh vegetables counter with an assortment of greens, pumpkin,
toufu, mushrooms and legumes, to name a few

Other sections: drinks, hot/cold deserts and ice-cream
Other section serving a good selection of cordial drinks, herbal and honey tea,
hot and cold deserts like puddings and jellies, fresh fruits and 8 varieties of King's ice-cream

To get into the Chinese New Year mood which was less than 4 days away, we even had Salmon Yee Sang as a starter, which was available for RM38 per large plate that was more than sufficient to feed the 11 of us. How lovely!

Enjoying Yee Sang, 4 days before the 2011 Chinese New Year
Enjoying Yee Sang before the Chinese New Year - it was great!

Family members and relatives
Beloved family members and relatives

Seafood, meat, etc. for steamboat buffet
Just some of our chosen fresh meat, seafood, veggie, etc. for the steamboat

Seafood, meat, etc. for steamboat buffet
More chosen fresh food, waiting to be cooked

All of us had a jolly good time! Good ambience, good food and great value for money! Worth every penny spent and definitely worth a return visit to this wonderful steamboat buffet! :-)

Reasonable rates:
Daily (maximum 2-hour dining period)
Non-member rate :
Adult - RM25.99+ for Lunch (11am-3pm) & Dinner (6-11pm); RM20.99+ for Afternoon session (3-5.30pm);
Children below 130cm: RM12.99+ for all meal periods;
Children below 90cm: FOC

Student & Air Cabin Crew Special :
RM19.99+ for any meal, daily except public holidays and eve.

Member's Special :
RM20.99+ for any meal, daily except public holidays and eve.

Family's Day Special :
RM51.99+ for 2 Adults + 2 Children. Additional persons will be charged accordingly.

Address & Contact :

T18-22, 3rd Floor
Lot 10 Shopping Centre
50 Jalan Sultan Ismail
50250 Kuala Lumpur

(Tel: 603 2145 9933)


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