Friday, September 08, 2006

Hard Disk Crashed!!

Yea, my hard disk went kaput last month!

This jolted me because it’s still considered new having purchased it less than 2½ months ago. Stunned into silence, inaction and then in tears when I realized that whatever stored in it other than those saved in disc or diskette has gone forever! Irretrievable!

Aaargh...especially my garden plants’ directory which I’ve laboriously prepared with each plant’s image (nearly 200 of them which were copied from my garden photos, cropped and downsized for insertion into file), botanical/common names and brief info (googled endlessly from garden websites). Now, I’ve to start all over again...."sob". Even all my IE favourites were lost with this hard-disk fiasco! to collect them all over again! :(

Rubbing salt into wound, I was without pc for almost three weeks and days seemed to drag boringly slow without contact to the vibrant cyberworld, so to speak! Fortunately, I’m passionate about gardening and ‘drown’ myself in my lovely little paradise. Did lots of weeding, pruning, propagating, transplanting of rootbound potted plants, added some new plants/flowers from nearby nurseries, etc. etc.

An invaluable lesson learnt here...nothing don’t procrastinate, save and back-up! back-up! back-up! As an alternative to adding website addresses to the IE Favorites, my knowledgeable son recently suggested bookmarking them at the Google Toolbar which will be saved online instead of on my hard-disk.

Anyway, as a result from this mishap I’m richer by a new hard disk, compensated with twice the capacity of my previous one (it’s now 160GB). Hooray for that!!

Now, I’ve more than enough space to rip in all the favorite songs of the oldies from our music CDs, delighting my darling hubby so much! Now, both of us can enjoy simultaneously when the pc is powered on! Such wonderful blessings from The Almighty! And I’m most grateful and thankful!

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