Monday, April 16, 2007

Dark Blue Tiger Butterfly

Tirumala (Danaus) septentrionis or Dark Blue Tiger butterfly
What an extraordinary find on that eventful morning of April 5! A visitor to our tropical garden...the Blue Tiger butterfly! How wonderful! How exciting! How blessed!

Whilst having a friendly chat with my next door neighbor I suddenly caught sight of something blue flittering around our front yard garden. Incredible! An absolutely gorgeous blue butterfly which I've never set eyes on before! Excusing myself, I ran in to get my camera! It may yet be another of my many failed attempt to capture an image of a butterfly, but who cares I'm gamed to try again! It was exciting chasing this beauty around! I was like a teenager, captivated and oblivious of the danger that could befall should I trip or stumble! Prancing to and fro as I tried to get a shot of it must have amused my neighbor as he stood besides our common chain-link fence watching! He definitely was tickled, I could see that chuckled smile on his face yet I was not bothered as I continued with my adventure! :D

Dark Blue Tiger Butterfly in its natural habitatIt took me almost three-quarters of an hour to succeed in capturing my very first visible butterfly picture. A cheeky one that kept me on my toes most times, teasing and taunting me as it flutters around or dances alongside me! Even disappearing for short intervals in between, sort of playing hide and seek? It was quite a task following this beauty around my garden but so worthwhile when I finally managed to shoot it on bended knees with sweat streaming down my face and body! I suppose this gorgeous creature eventually was as tired as I and rested on the leaves of Podocarpus Macrophyllus 'Maki' (or commonly known as Japanese Yew or Buddhist Pine), long enough for me to take a good shot! Though, in my haste I've dozens of shots without this starring actor (or was it an actress if a female? :D ) when I finally downloaded all the taken pictures on my pc! LOL!

What a fancy scientific name this Dark Blue Tiger butterfly has! Tirumala (Danaus) septentrionis with wings spread measurement about 3.5 inches! Such a pity, I was unable to capture it with its wings spread out looking so majestically beautiful. Anyway, I'm very happy and pleased with whatever images I already have! Hmm...who knows...this fascinating beauty may visit again having found a playmate in me!! ;-)

More information on Dark Blue Tiger here.

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