Friday, July 27, 2007

Carefree Retirees!

Carefree retirees, that's what my beloved spouse and I are!
Of course, I don't mean totally free from any worries, troubles or cares, but at least not beset by them at this age! And we're most thankful and grateful to The Almighty for this joyful blessing as we progress into our golden years!

The best part is we're still madly in-love, self-supporting with our monthly pension and still healthy, praise The Lord! Being very contented with our simple living, a more frequent than occasional outing or eating spree with our retiree group is an added bonus really. Our main joy-giver are our sons, daughters-in-law and 3 grand-daughters - if they're happy, we're happier, otherwise we're saddest when they're sad! A parent remains a parent for life! Family gatherings whenever feasible give us greatest pleasure! :D

Not forgetting our daily dose of joy and happiness received from our beloved companion, Maxi our pet dog! Also, the marvelous plants and flowers and nature life that abounds in our tropical garden paradise to cheer and enliven us!

Thankful too, for our Catholic faith and awareness of God's unlimited and outpouring mercy, love and grace that touches each moment of our lives!

What a wonderful life, indeed! :)

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