Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dinner at Look Out Point, Ampang

There's much talk about the happening at Look Out Point or Pusat Pelancongan dan Menara Tinjau (in the Malay language) that our retiree group decided to try out one evening about 2 weeks ago. Ten of us car-pooled in two cars and arrived there effortlessly as our chief navigator and initiator, Michael had been there a few times.

In fact, we've been there previously with him too, about one and a half years ago during the day time after a hearty lunch at a Chinese Restaurant with a fishing pond nearby, located somewhere in the forest region of 14th mile, Hulu Langat if I recalled correctly.

Unfortunately, it was too hazy for us to enjoy the magnificent Kuala Lumpur night skyline that would have included the Petronas Twin Towers, Menara KL Tower and Menara Telekom in Petaling Jaya, which were totally invisible that night. What a disappointment! I tried taking a couple of shots with my point-and-shoot camera Canon PowerShot A60, but was a fiasco! Anyway, nothing spectacular would have been achieved without the inclusion of the majestic buildings mentioned.

So, we focused on the menu available instead, at Look Out Point Western Food Restaurant where Michael had made reservations earlier. Service was good and food ordered were surprisingly served quite soon. I can't honestly say that the food was excellent, but was quite tasty no doubt, though the beef steak was a little tough. Most main courses were simply presented, nothing fancy, just accompanied with some fries and a couple of cauliflower or brocoli florets, or alternatively with mashed potatoes, slices of cucumber and tomatoes. Thus, I had no interest in photographing them.

Nonetheless, pricing was reasonable. Our total bill for 10 persons amounted to only RM272/=.

Included below is the business card of the restaurant's manager, just in case you are interested.

View some fantastic nightscape photos, shared by a blogger and be enthralled!

And, day pictures at another site and some additional info here.

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