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Lunch at Canton-i, The Gardens Mid Valley

Canton-i at The Gardens Mid Valley, serving Hong Kong cuisine

David, our darling son, introduced us to dine at Canton-i, the branch at The Gardens Mid Valley about 3 weeks ago. A food restaurant serving Hong Kong cuisine, situated in one of Malaysia's most impressive and popularly visited mega mall. It has an open kitchen concept, where you can observe the chefs preparing/cooking the food ordered.

We reached there before noon to avoid queuing as it can be pretty crowded it seems, even during week-days. No wonder, I noticed rows of chairs conveniently placed outside its entrance for queuing customers, as seen in the left photo below. The right image on the other hand shows the restaurant's interior, a little too cramped and tight, screaming for want of dining space, don't you think so?
Frankly, as the crowd gradually increased, the din inside can be disturbing and you can even hear what the other diners close-by are chattering!

At the entrance of Canton-i, The Gardens Mid Valley Inside Canton-i, The Gardens Mid Valley, serving Hong Kong cuisine
Canton-i's menu is chiefly Hong Kong culinary delights, an extensive list that includes authentic hand-made dim sum, noodles, well-known roast goose/duck and the like, seafood, savoury and custardy buns and many others.

Menu at Canton-i, The Gardens Mid Valley, serving Hong Kong cuisine

We ordered 3 plates of dry-version plain wonton noodles (RM4 per plate) and a combination platter of roasted pork (siew yok), barbecued pork (char siu) and roasted duck (RM29.80). Servings were reasonable, befitting the charges. I find the mee good, it was thin, springy and finely moistened. Unfortunately, it was not piping hot, just lukewarm by the time the combo meat platter to accompany it was served. The roasted meat were quite delicious too. I especially like the roasted pork belly that came with the right proportion of crunchy/succulent meat and fat, with a thin layer of well-roasted crispy skin. Sweetened sauce on the barbecued pork was ladled a little too much and too sweetish though, for my taste.

Another side dish that we ordered is the duck-meat spring rolls as seen to the right of image below. Just 2 small rolls costing RM9 is a little too expensive, I'd say! What's more shocking is the next dish serve!

Photo collage of wonton mee, roasted/barbecued meat and spring rolls

This one is atrocious! We ordered fried dumplings but this was presented instead. It was not as photo displayed on the menu at all. One of the waiters told us that the person who took our order should have explained clearly as you can choose between 2 versions. How distressing. Can you imagine eating only these fried, tasteless and over-sized wonton skins, without its filling? And, charged RM10 too? To make matters worst, the dipping sauce with 5 tiny-winy miserable-looking beaf balls as seen on the right is awful, and separately billed RM8 as well! Definitely ripped off here!

Photo collage of fried wonton skins and sauce at Canton-i, Mid Valley Gardens

Total bill was RM99.80 which included charges for 3 wet towels (RM3), Chinese tea for 3 pax (RM15) and taxes! Impossible to believe that we paid that abominable price for a mediocre dining...that averages to about RM33 per person! Very often, when a place becomes too popular, quality is compromised!

Moreover, we think too much MSG was used in their food preparation as our throat felt parched about an hour after lunch, while still walking around the shopping mall. This will definitely be our first and last dining experience there!

Website: http://www.canton-i.com/

at The Gardens Mid Valley City
LG-202 & 203A (Lower Ground Floor)
Lingkaran Syed Putra
59200 Kuala Lumpur.
(Tel: 603-2284 6888)

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